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The CISO Challenge – Overlooked and Underappreciated? – What changes do Cyber Security Professionals need to make in order to be successful

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New research has highlighted key management issues facing those responsible for cyber security, including the need to address perceptions by senior leadership and employees, with almost 50% of cyber security professionals believing the executive boards sees them as nothing more than a maintenance role rather than a source for innovation within the business.

Given the enormous impact of security breaches and the increase in compliance requirements, CISO’s cannot afford internal challenges that make it more difficult to do their jobs.

Join Chief Security Scientist, Joseph Carson as he discusses the changes that cyber security professionals must make in order to expand their influence and align cyber security with business priorities so executive boards can see the business case for security investments.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to communicate to the Executive board and change perceptions that restrict cyber security effectiveness.
  • Find out the key metrics to a CISO’s success
  • Learn how to change Cyber security to be less visible and a more positive experience for all employees and departments.