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See how you compare: Privileged Account Vulnerability Benchmark Survey Results

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Join Thycotic Product Manager Joseph Carson as he reviews the results of a recent groundbreaking benchmark survey on the global state of privileged account security risks. Joseph will discuss the survey results and their implications for how organizations should be protecting their “keys to the kingdom.”

Some of the startling results and major risks to be reviewed and discussed include:

•60% of companies still manually manage their privilege accounts.
•1 out of 5 of companies have not bothered to change their default privileged account passwords.
•30% of companies have no formal password controls and frequently allow accounts and passwords to be shared.
•70% require no formal approval for creating a privileged account.
Gain new insights into the global state of privileged account security and controls, and get the evidence you need to make a case for improving your own privileged account management and security practices.