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The Secret to Improving DevSecOps Credential Security without Sacrificing Productivity

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By 2021, security practices will be embedded in 80% of rapid DevOps teams according to Gartner. And as organizations race to adopt a DevSecOps model, eliminating security gaps in the DevOps environment and keeping user credentials secure are a top priority. Typical DevOps vulnerabilities include, embedded credentials in application environments, stored credentials in popular repositories, or shared private keys and credentials for fast access to source code.

Join Thycotic Product Manager Dan Ritch as he explains how you can help assure proper credential security for your DevOps team with an automated privileged access solution. You will learn:

• How to optimize your team’s DevOp’s environment to increase security without hindering their development and deployment schedules. 

• An automated approach to remove hardcoded passwords and meet compliance without impacting workflow. 

• How to integrate PAM security across each tool in the DevOps toolchain.

Every registered attendee will get a free “Securing access for agile DevOps Teams: Privileged Account Management (PAM) as Code” whitepaper.

PLUS: One lucky attendee will win a $50 Amazon gift card at the end of the webinar!