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How Real-Time Threat Analysis with ACS can Protect You from Zero Day Attacks

See how Thycotic’s Application Control Solution (ACS) provides real-time threat analysis with automated alert notifications to significantly reduce your risk from zero-day attacks. This webinar will give you a demonstration of attack scenarios where Application Control Solution can examine a known or unknown application’s reputation in real-time regardless of whether it is white- or black-listed. It can then either allow or block that application from running, and automatically alert security personnel if a threat has been detected.
Join Thycotic Product Manager Ed Breay as he demos several scenarios that show how Thycotic’s Application Control Solution:

•Prevents an unsuspecting user from running an infected application
•Examines a “bad” application’s by reputation and generates an alert on the Splunk console showing the file details
•Blocks a suspect application and notifies the user that the application is disallowed

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