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Prevent Ransomware Attacks with Privileged Manager for Windows

Wednesday, June 14, 2017 | 11:00 AM EDT

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96% of critical vulnerabilities affecting the Windows operating systems could be mitigated by removing admin rights. 60% of all Microsoft vulnerabilities published could be mitigated by removing admin rights. But what happens after you remove admin rights? What if a user needs to run or install an application that requires admin rights? Learn how Privilege Manager for Windows can manage a set of policies that will allow end users to work productively but safe. We will demonstrate how Privilege Manager for Windows can work for you including:

• Proactive endpoint protection against ransomware and evolving advanced threats.
• Discover software on endpoints, especially software that requires admin right to run.
• Create policies that will identify, evaluate and apply specific actions to any process initiated on a Windows endpoint.
• Create easy policy groups we call Personas and quickly apply them to groups of endpoint or groups of users.
• See Privilege Manager for Windows reports that provide a rich set of auditing and compliance information regarding application control.
• Comprehensive application control allowing for implementations like Deny-First Whitelisting, Application Isolation, and Least Privilege Policy, to deliver the security, usability, and manageability you need.