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Local Admin Rights. To give or not to give.

Register & Attend Webinar > Trial > Get a FREE Tee!
Register & Attend Webinar > Trial > Get a FREE Tee!

Learning how to control least privilege is crucial. Make least privilege work for you and understand how it is going to enhance and simplify your cybersecurity efforts.

Please join Thycotic for an educational webinar, while they run through how Thycotic Privilege Manager can work in your favour.

During this session, you will learn how Privilege Manager:

  • Resets All Endpoints to a ‘Clean Slate’
  • Elevates Applications, not users
  • Sandboxes Unknown Applications
  • Integrates with Management Systems
  • Privilege Manager Demo

REMEMBER! If you choose to trial Privilege Manager after the webinar, you will receive a FREE Thycotic Tee.



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Samantha Voss

Samantha Voss is the International Marketing Assistant for Thycotic. Located in Adelaide, Australia working under EMT Distribution, Samantha recently graduated from University and has been a Thycotic member for six months. As the International Marketing Assistant for the ANZ region, Samantha's role entails event organization, campaign management, lead generation, building brand awareness and localizing international campaigns, just name a few. Samantha loves all things Thycotic and her passion for the cyber security industry continues to grow.

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Matthew Bolton

Matthew Bolton
The ANZ Channel Sales Manager at Thycotic, responsible for working with our partner base to identify, onboard and enable our channel.

Marc Sleeman

Marc Sleeman
An APAC Pre/Post Sales Engineers at Thycotic, responsible for working with customers to provide a tailored Privileged Account Management solution for their specific needs.

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