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Managing insider and third-party threats by monitoring privileged sessions

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IT teams need to have improved oversight and accountability over privileged users so they can uncover suspicious or unauthorized activities and respond appropriately. Managing third-party and employee access is essential to securing your organization’s privileged credentials. Shared credentials, temporary contractors, cloud connections, and rogue insiders can all pose significant threats.

Join Barbara Hoffman, Thycotic product marketing manager, as she reviews the security benefits of session monitoring, control, and recording as well as how to satisfy audit and compliance requirements from a single console. She’ll also explain how you can monitor and manage multiple active sessions at the same time, even if you’re using different connection protocols and multiple privileged credentials.

See a demonstration of an advanced remote connection management solution. Thycotic’s Connection Manager provides one place to help you manage and monitor multiple remote sessions to improve productivity, strengthen security, and tighten compliance.