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Lights Out: Inside the Mind of a Utility Hacker

Imagine a country-wide blackout. The reality hit Ukrainian residents when their energy sector was hit by a massive cyber-attack that caused a power outage for more than 86,000 homes. This session dives into the real-world hack of a power station that explains the planning, perimeter security, engines and SCADA controls behind the attack.

With up to 80% of targeted attacks involving the use or misuse of privileged credentials, Privileged Access Management must be a foundational component of a utility and energy company’s cyber security strategy. It is critically important to know how and why cyber criminals target their victims and what you can do to reduce the risk, especially when an attack could put lives at stake. In this session:

  • Gain a full understanding of the anatomy of a privileged account hack
  • Learn the challenges of reporting to the board and lessons learned
  • Develop a strategy to reduce your risk and prevent abuse of your critical information assets


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Jordan True

Jordan is a social media strategist, digital community manager and a lover of all things IT. She currently manages the Social Media Program at Thycotic and loves to connect with technology communities online and at enterprise IT events. Addicted to the outdoors, you can find Jordan on the running trails in her free time or sharing the latest InfoSec buzz on Twitter @ThycoticJordan.

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