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How much does your PAM software really cost?

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Virtually any time you recommend a technology purchase, your boss, executive management, and the finance department want to know the cost. As you plan to implement Privileged Access Management software, do you know the real cost? Total cost of ownership goes far beyond software and support costs. To get the complete picture, you also need to calculate the cost of infrastructure, professional services, supporting technology, and internal operations to support the project.

In this webinar, we’ll review the right questions to ask and all the information you need so you can budget time, money, and resources before you buy PAM software. Then, you’ll be able to go to your finance team with a complete picture of the spend and value of your PAM project.



Erin Duncan

  • 20 years of creative and product marketing experience with over 10 years focused on software across a variety of verticals
  • As Thycotic's Product Marketing Manager Erin focuses on marketing strategy, messaging and positioning, and marketing content creation