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How Cyber Criminals Crack Your Passwords Using Dictionary Searches and Brute-Force

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How are your passwords cracked and hacked?

One billion unique email addresses and passwords were exposed in a data breach called Collection 1, and millions more passwords are compromised regularly. But how do criminal hackers steal all those passwords in the first place?

In this password security webinar you’ll step into the world of a cyber criminal with our Chief Cyber Security Scientist, Joseph Carson and special guest, X-Force Red’s Senior Managing Consultant, Dustin Heywood. Together they’ll walk you through how easy it is to crack your passwords using two of the most common techniques: dictionary searches and brute-force.

Leveraging the popular penetration testing tool Kali Linux, Joseph and Dustin demonstrate some of the latest and most popular tools cyber criminals use every day to perform these hacking techniques, and ultimately breach the password security of individuals and the enterprise. Then, download resources that will help you develop and maintain best practices for your password security.”

Who should attend this webinar?

  • IT Security
  • CISO and Executive Leadership
  • New to PAM
  • PAM experts
  • IT operations: Systems Administrators, Helpdesk Teams, Infrastructure Management, Workstation Management, etc.
  • Compliance and Audit

What will I learn?

  • How easily you or your employees can be tricked into revealing passwords
  • How system passwords differ from human passwords, and where ‘privilege’ fits in
  • How Kali Linux tools facilitate brute force password hacking
  • Hashing techniques and their role in advanced password cracking
  • How to maximize your password security and better protect your accounts

Get the answers to these important questions:

  • What is the one “biggest pain” for governments, organizations and individuals all over the world, and what causes it?
  • What does Microsoft’s end-of-life for password age and expiration mean for organizations required to comply with NIST standards?
  • How often must I rotate passwords?
  • What password protection must I implement right away?

What materials or resources will I receive?

Download “The Anatomy of a Privileged Account Hack” and see how a stolen user password can place your entire organization at risk.


Joseph Carson

  • Chief Security Scientist & Advisory CISO at ThycoticCentrify
  • Over 25 years' experience in enterprise security
  • Author of "Privileged Account Management for Dummies" and "Cybersecurity for Dummies"
  • Cyber security advisor to several governments, critical infrastructure, financial and transportation industries
  • Host of the award-winning podcast, "401 Access Denied"
  • Speaker at conferences globally


Dustin Heywood

  • Senior Managing Consultant for X-Force Red, IBM’s elite security testing team
  • Over 13+ years of professional Information Security experience
  • Experience includes Finance, Aerospace/Defense & Telecommunications
  • Specializes in Password Assessments & Password Security Research
  • Member of Team Hashcat where he is known as EvilMog
  • Spoke at IBM THINK, THOTCON, Cyphercon, Derbycon
  • Volunteered on the Red Team for the South East Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition
  • Offensive Security Certified Expert (OSCE), Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP), Offensive Security Wireless Professional (OSWP), and a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)