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Global State of Privileged Access Management

Tuesday, November 8, 2016 | 1:00 PM ET

Join Thycotic in a 45-minute educational training session that reveals the specific shortcomings in the current state of privileged account security and provides recommendations for how to address the most common failures.

During the training session, you will learn session:
· Why privileged accounts are an attractive target for attackers
· Overview of the Privileged Password Vulnerability Benchmark
· See the overall grades of 600+ organizations who took the Privileged Password Vulnerability Benchmark
· Review the specific gaps in privileged account security practices
· Provide best practice recommendations to reduce the risk
· Provide access to a several free tools that you can leverage to get immediate improvements

As a bonus, we will provide access to the Privilege Password Vulnerability Benchmark so your members get immediate feedback on two dimensions:
· Organizations will get a grade based on their benchmark answers (A-F)
· Organizations will also get a report to see how their answers to each benchmark question compares to others in their peer group