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Demystifying Behavioral Analytics: Why Focus on Privileged Behavior is Critical!

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User Behavior Analytics is a very hot topic these days, with several providers offering new or similar products that leverage the concept of capturing Big Data to analyze behavior patterns across an organization. They all promote terms like “machine learning, intelligent algorithms, behavioral pattern recognition, user and entity behavior, and other buzzword – but how do you make sense of it?

• Where does your security team need to focus first?
• Should you analyze unusual Dropbox access or administrative access to a server at 3am?
• Which alerts and behavior should take priority?

Join Martin Kuppinger of leading analyst firm Kuppinger-Cole and Thycotic product manager Chris Widstrom in this webinar. Martin Kuppinger will describe and demystify Behavior analytics and its relevancy with PAM and will point out the value for companies. Chris Widstrom will demonstrate why a “Simple Focus” on leveraging Thycotic’s new Privileged Behavior Analytics solution can dramatically improve your Privileged Account Management and security & clear the fog surrounding the Behavior Analytics landscape.

Martin Kuppinger is Founder of the independent Analyst Company KuppingerCole and as Principal Analyst responsible for the KuppingerCole research. In his 25 years of IT experience he has already written more than 50 IT-related books and is known as a widely-read columnist and author of technical articles as well as reviews and is also a well-established speaker and moderator at seminars and congresses. His interest in Identity Management dates back to the 80s, when he also gained considerable experience in software architecture development. Over the years, he added several other fields of research, including virtualization, cloud computing, overall IT security, and others. Having studied economies, he combines in-depth IT knowledge with a strong business perspective.