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5 Expert Tips on Choosing the Right Privileged Access Management Software

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You’ve been tasked with finding the right security solution for your organization. People are counting on you and a lot is on the line. Will the solution you choose boost productivity or become an expensive time sink left on the shelf?

Join Thycotic Product Manager Dan Ritch, as he explains how to choose the best PAM software for your organization. He’ll start by covering the pros and cons of a Cloud or On-prem PAM solution. Then explore the key questions to ask during your evaluation, including:

1.) How quickly can you get a PAM solution up and running?
2.) How long will it take you to achieve return on your investment?
3.) Is the user interface easy to navigate?
4.) Does it integrate with other solutions such as SIEM or ticketing systems?

See why “easy” matters—at all levels of PAM functionality.

Every attendee will receive a free copy of “Is this Software Easy?” checklist.



Dan Ritch

  • Product Manager, leads Thycotic’s Compete program
  • Specialist in IT software and security
  • Studies competitors' PAM software and the PAM market