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Celebrate Change Your Password Day? Shining a new light on password management in the Cloud

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February 1st marks Change Your Password Day 2019—for many an irritating reminder that passwords must be rotated and managed to stay secure. And as more organizations move to the cloud, your team faces the growing and constant challenge of keeping user’s password hygiene compliant. How are you managing cloud access to privileged accounts? And is it even safe?

Join Thycotic Product Marketing Manager Barbara Hoffman and Product Manager Dan Ritch as he debunks several cloud security myths and concerns and shows how PAM has evolved to meet your enterprise’s growing needs.

You’ll learn how to develop an action plan to: 

• Automate credential security for your team’s cloud environment
• Gain buy-in by stakeholders for a cloud-based PAM solution

Every attendee will get a preview of Thycotic’s new Secret Server Cloud User Interface.



Dan Ritch

  • Product Manager, leads Thycotic’s Compete program
  • Specialist in IT software and security
  • Studies competitors' PAM software and the PAM market


Barbara Hoffman

  • Decade of experience in IT software and security
  • Many more years working in product management, development and marketing across a number of different industries
  • Helps drive marketing strategy, messaging & positioning, sales enablement, and content creation for Thycotic’s Secret Server, Privilege Behavior Analytics and Account Lifecycle Manager
  • BS in International Business from George Washington University
  • MBA from the University of Southern California
  • Cybersecurity Certification from Georgetown University