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Alert! Don’t Move to Windows 10 Before Resolving These Security Issues

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A migration to Windows 10 is your opportunity to “right size” security policies to match compliance requirements and protect your endpoints most effectively.

Removing local admin rights from endpoints at the same time you install your new Windows version is the most effective way to block malware at the gate. Without access to administrative credentials, threat agents won’t be able to exploit endpoints and progress throughout your network to reach sensitive data.

In this webinar, we’ll assess the pros and cons of the Windows solution for least privilege and identify strategies to make sure least privilege is adopted without hindering user productivity.

Join Thycotic Product Manager, Steve Goldberg, as he demonstrates how you can:

  • Remove local administrative rights from endpoints and enforce the principle of least privilege through application control policies
  • Match your policies to the needs of business users while reducing your attack surface
  • Make choices as part of your Windows 10 planning that will set the foundation for a painless least privilege implementation