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100% of hackers support data privacy, but over half will crack your passwords for a price

September 1st, 2016

The world’s elite hackers all come together during the most coveted hacker conference in Las Vegas for Black Hat.  The conference now running for its 19th year consists of six days of intense training, workshops, briefings, sessions, and knowledge sharing between hackers. We took the opportunity to ask hackers about data protection, privacy, and government…

RSA 2016 Cyber Terrorism Survey Results and Thoughts

April 4th, 2016

RSA 2016 was an incredibly busy show for us here at Thycotic. Between releasing a slew of new features for our flagship software Thycotic Secret Server, announcing our acquisition of Arellia, continuing to drive the Privileged Account Management space, and delivering multiple talks on how to solve many of the most common security and IT Operations…

NSA Surveillance Strong as Ever Since Snowden Revelations, According to RSA Security Pros

June 2nd, 2015

Security professionals from across the world ventured to San Francisco this April for RSA Conference’s 26th annual information security conference. This year broke a record for the largest attendance of all time with 33,000 in attendance. RSA Conference’s theme this year was ‘Where the World Talks Security’. We thought what better place than RSA to…

Why we survey a bunch of hackers at Black Hat every year

September 30th, 2014

At Black Hat USA every year, we conduct a survey of self-identified “black hat” hackers. Why’d we do it? Because it’s not every day that you can get an insider perspective on the thought process and motivation behind today’s black hat hacker. Black Hat vs White Hat vs Awesome Programmers We have to caveat this…