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30-Day Update on ThycoticCentrify Integration and Major Accomplishments


Written by Art Gilliland

May 17th, 2021

It’s amazing to think that it’s only been 30 days since the announcement of the intended merger of Centrify and Thycotic.

We are excited to share that we officially started the process of integrating these two privileged access management (PAM) leaders, and have already accomplished a lot in this short period of time. We remain deeply committed to staying focused on reaching our aggressive milestones and goals. Those milestones are critical to ensuring that you, our customers and partners, gain the benefits of this merger.

In this blog, I will share some of our accomplishments as well as some future goals to ensure we stay accountable to our commitments. Our plan is to move quickly, and our actions are intended to deliver value to all of our stakeholders.

Our goal is to drive towards being a single operating company 180 days from closing. Given the collaboration, focus and dedication I have experienced from our team, we are on target to deliver.


We’ve set up three main bodies to drive the integration of the two companies:

  • Executive Steering Committee: focused on making immediate decisions and providing support on inter-dependencies;
  • Integration Management Office: focused on achieving a successful integration from all workstreams;
  • Workstream Lead and Working Teams: focused on day-to-day execution inside specific functions and/or initiatives.

Each workstream has assigned leaders to drive accountability and ownership and meet our objectives. Weekly governance is set up to expedite decision making, and to ensure all inter-dependencies are aligned.


As we come together, we are focused on successfully maintaining our operations as well as accomplishing some of our key external-facing and internal goals for the integration. In just the first month together, we have already completed several business-critical actions across multiple workstreams.

For example, our product and engineering teams completed an initial draft of product prioritization, which we have begun sharing with customers. The sales teams have guidelines to best support customer and partner communications, the professional services team developed a stakeholder map, and our customer success/support team formed a SWAT team to address questions and route requests across teams.

Internally, our teams are connected via email and messenger applications (among other key communications and collaboration apps), and we are holding weekly Town Hall meetings with all employees focusing on consistency, transparency, and value to our customers.


Looking ahead, we have a lot of checkpoints on our to-do list for the short-term as we march towards our 90-day goals.

While we continue to integrate our teams, systems, and tools across all organizations, we are also going to implement and deliver as a single sales team (with dedicated coverage for our customers and partners) a single, combined product strategy. This strategy will be fully supported by cross-trained technical support and customer success teams, as well as by a strong product pipeline with a clear global branding communication plan.

Some of these have already been accomplished, and many will be done in the next 60 days.

Again, there is a lot still to do, but we’re off to a great start and well on our way to combining into a trusted partner better empowered to help solve modern cloud identity security challenges. I will keep you updated as we continue through our integration, here and/or on our Merger Status Update pages.

Thank you for your interest and for your investment in our partnership.


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