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Introducing ThycoticCentrify: Integrating Two Identity Security Leaders


Written by Art Gilliland

April 13th, 2021

By Art Gilliland and Jim Legg

Today, we are pleased to share that Centrify and Thycotic have merged to become one. This follows on the previously-announced acquisitions of Centrify and Thycotic by TPG Capital. We are now able to embark on the process of integrating our businesses and solutions to better serve our customers and partners.

As we’ve previously reinforced, our customers are our highest priority. We’re confident that this combination will enable us to better serve you through an enhanced and diversified product suite – a comprehensive platform uniquely built to enable and protect the modern, hybrid enterprise.

In the near-term, our customers can expect no changes or impact on their relationship with Thycotic or Centrify. Both companies will continue to operate in a “business-as-usual” mode as we begin the integration process. All products are still accessible, and our customers can expect the same great support and service that they have always known from our teams.

Likewise, our partners are vital to our success, and we believe that the combined company and solutions will create a more valuable and attractive offering to solve the modern identity security needs in the market. Again, “business as usual” is the current mindset, and you will continue to work with Centrify and Thycotic as separate partners. We are committed to keeping you apprised of the integration, the technology roadmap and integration, and the go-to-market strategy.

This is a very exciting time for all of us, and the opportunity before us is tremendous. Merging two companies is not easy, but we have a talented team in place to execute on our strategy. We have built out a comprehensive integration plan that will help to ensure success and hold us accountable to you and our teams.

During this transition we feel it is important to provide as much transparency as possible into the integration process, so starting today you will find Merger Status Update pages on both and These will be regularly updated with information regarding operations, technology integration, go-to-market, and more. You can already find links to an external FAQ, a joint blog, this morning’s press release, and more on those pages.

As part of the integration plan, we have also chosen a new temporary name: ThycoticCentrify.

This new name will be used in the interim period between now and when we launch our new brand later this year. Until then, for the most part, both brands will continue to operate separately. Over the next few months, we will take an informed approach to defining a new brand that is aspirational, references the rich legacies of both companies, and communicates modern identity security.


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