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Privilege Manager 10.8: Simplifying endpoint privilege management through usable security


Written by Steve Goldberg

August 25th, 2020

A powerful new interface and additional enhancements make Privilege Manager 10.8 an important release to ensure usable security.

Privilege Manager is the most comprehensive endpoint privilege elevation and application control solution, capable of supporting enterprises and fast-growing organizations at cloud scale.

Over the past year, our product teams and UX and human-computer interaction team have been busy updating the user interfaces of our products. The key areas of focus of this effort have been:

  • Usability and performance
  • Modernization
  • Simplicity
  • Accessibility

We’ve heard over and over again that security tools must be usable for both the IT teams that manage them and the employees that use them. This is especially important for employees who are now working from home; you must ensure the endpoints that your team uses are secure. So for the Privilege Manager redesign, our main focus has been usability as the product needs to be simple to get endpoints under management to effectively shrink the attack surface and improve security posture.

Read more about the iterative design process here. Read more about the redesign for Privilege Manager here.

This release was truly a team effort and it’s with much appreciation and excitement I share Privilege Manager 10.8.

Simplify endpoint privilege management with new user interface and experience

In Privilege Manager’s new user interface, the look and feel is sleek and modern and the left-hand navigation is now consistent with other Thycotic products.

Privilege Manager Application Policies

There are details on each screen that display in the right-side drawer, and dark mode is now a display option. There are fewer nested sections for easier and streamlined administration.

The local security and application control functions have been combined into one policy experience. Policy management has been completely redefined to make it easier to understand and administer.

With a new policy wizard, admins can create a new policy in just a few clicks based on specific business needs with fewer unintended consequences. Through the simplified event discovery and file inventory screens, admins easily find the most important applications that need to be addressed by their policies.

Privilege Manager Wizard

Privilege Manager’s public API automates bulk and repeatable operations by giving admins the choice to manage the applications, actions, and components of policies without having to use the console.

Privilege Manager API

Ensure endpoint security for all endpoints, regardless of OS

Additional features in this release support macOS. Apple is deprecating the kernel extension (KEXT) in the macOS Oct 2020 release and many underlying changes were made to how Privilege Manager will interact with the endpoint with system extensions. Additionally, to accommodate the changes required by Apple, when an application is approved in the Approval Workflow, a notification shows up in the notification center to execute the approved app. We’ve also added a macOS endpoint utility to help with testing and troubleshooting.

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Create custom queries with new analytics integration

Privilege Manager Cloud is now integrated with Privileged Behavior Analytics (PBA). Privilege Manager sends an extremely large amount of data to PBA for advanced analytics and guidance on what applications need to be addressed by policies and which users and groups to target. This helps automate policy creation, saving IT management time, and improving security. There’s also a query engine to run reports against that data.

Privileged Behavior Analytics Dashboard
Privileged Behavior Analytics Report Query Builder