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Insurance Leader Rolls Out Enterprise PAM Strategy


Written by Barbara Hoffman

June 11th, 2020

One of my favorite parts of this job is speaking with our customers to understand why they chose our solutions, and how they are using them to solve their challenges. Recently, I spoke with one of our customers who described Secret Server as his “favorite security tool!” So, I thought I would share his story. 

Insurance Leader Rolls Out Enterprise PAM Strategy

When a national insurance association updated their security policies, they mandated that all companies in their network needed a comprehensive Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution in place by 2022. 

One association member company had been using Keepass as a basic password vault and realized it couldn’t match the new requirements. They needed to adopt an enterprise-class PAM solution to lower risk and meet the association’s mandate. 

The IT security team wanted to secure all types of privileged accounts across the organization, including Active Directory, Linux/Unix systems, mainframes, network and storage systems, databases, and applications. Additionally, they needed to establish an approval process to provision and de-provision accounts and privileged session monitoring to increase oversight and improve incident response. 

The team specifically searched for a cloud-based PAM solution that could address all of their requirements while minimizing management time and resources. 

… the choice was easy. It did everything they said it could do

The System Administrator brought multiple teams into the decision-making process and put a number of PAM providers to the test. “With Thycotic, the choice was easy. It did everything they said it could do.” 

Fast roll-out leads to immediate ROI

The team was able to get started with Secret Server Cloud right away, implementing the solution in less than three months. 

Initially, 10 IT administrators are using Secret Server to address the core PAM requirements including discovery, vaulting, rotation, approvals, and session monitoring. 

In a short period of time, they went from a base-level password management system to a fully functional, multi-faceted solution that meets multiple needs as opposed to just storing passwords. Secret Server’s Discovery capability quickly became a staple feature that provided immediate return on their PAM Investment. The IT organization estimates that finding right away where accounts are being used has shaved hours of investigation off multiple projects. 

Roadmap to an enterprise-wide PAM strategy

They began with 12 critical capabilities and then they will go further, rolling out 18 more. Specifically, they plan to dive into additional reporting and compliance capabilities, are eager to explore Privileged Behavior Analyticsand are evaluating the roll-out of Secret Server to their business users. 

With Thycotic as the foundation, the team is building out their long-term PAM strategy. During their selection process, they not only evaluated the critical, mandated capabilities that needed to be deployed right away, but also considered ongoing requirements as they scale their overall PAM over time. They recognize and appreciate Thycotic can grow with them as they expand their use of PAM throughout the organization.  

The product is fantastic. It just works. It’s not only simple, but also complex in what it can do for us as an IT department, says the System Administrator. I love Secret Server, and it will be a staple in this company for years to come.” 

Welcome to the Thycotic family and congratulations on your success! 

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