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Secret Server Product Update: Increase Productivity with Secret Server 10.8


Written by Barbara Hoffman

April 7th, 2020

Doing more isn’t always doing better. No one knows this more than IT operations and security teams. Some days you’re slogging through tedious, repetitive work and jumping through hoops, all while fighting the ‘noise’ of alerts.  What’s more, fatigue, lag time between notification, human error and lack of oversight create potential vulnerabilities.

New enhancements provide organizations with powerful solutions to take control

The latest release of Secret Server enables security and IT ops teams to gain even tighter control and visibility of privileged access and improve productivity. New automation, web session recording, and session launching capabilities tighten administrative control so you can focus on what’s really important and lower your risk. These new enhancements provide organizations with powerful solutions to take control over their privileged account attack surface.

If/then Automation Tackles Alert Fatigue

IT teams receive all types of alerts they must address with manual and often repetitive actions. New capabilities for ‘If/then Automation” let you set up a series of privileged security actions for pre-determined trigger events. Now, your team can address common issues automatically and prioritize alerts that need detailed investigation.

For example, if a privileged credential’s heartbeat fails indicating a password has been changed outside of the central PAM solution, a triggered action can rotate that password automatically and bring control back into Secret Server.

If/then Automation greatly reduces risks associated with alert fatigue and human error. Secret Server administrators can apply policies for triggered events to secrets, folders, or sets within folders. You have tremendous flexibility to customize events and follow-up actions, such as running a script to automatically fill in additional details for new or updated secrets.

The control is in your hands! What will you do with If/then Automation? We’re excited to see how creative our customers will be.

Web Session Recording Increases Oversight for SaaS Applications

With the surge in remote work, oversight of privileged users and accounts has never been more important. But your IT security team can’t be everywhere at once.

Adding to Secret Server’s already robust session recording capacities, you can now easily record web sessions in SaaS platforms such as AWS, Azure, and Office365, as well as business applications such as ADP and Salesforce.

As always, maintaining user privacy is a key concern. Web session recording captures only activities related to privileged sessions, and not personal applications open in a web browser.

Multiple Minor Features Add up to Major Security Improvements

Additional features in this release address the need for tighter security measures required by regulations such as GDPR and governmental requirements, including advanced filtering and new viewer user roles.

Session management capabilities such as keystroke logging can now be conducted at the proxy level, without involving a session recording agent on the server. This gives you more control, while also meeting compliance and privacy regulations.

Extending the options for authentication, you can now provide smart card devices, as mandated by many federal agencies, to access remote systems and launch remote sessions using Secret Server launcher.

Additionally, Secret Server now includes a new role, ideal for auditors, that allows users to view session recordings without having access to the secret itself, simplifying the auditing process.

Webinar: Secret Server 10.8 Release Demo

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