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Written by Erin Duncan

January 16th, 2020

Privileged access management (PAM) is a critical piece of your security infrastructure. But we know it’s just one part of your infrastructure which also includes identity and access management platforms, multi-factor authentication systems, SIEM tools, IT ticketing systems, DevOps tools, and more.

Just as single products that aren’t usable result in slow implementation and low adoption, solutions that fail to work well with your existing infrastructure won’t be very effective either.

Thycotic’s products fit into your environment easily and seamlessly. Integrating our products across your infrastructure helps ensure they work together to make it more secure from outside attack, misuse and insider abuse.

We’ve built native integrations with many popular security and IT management vendors to ensure seamless integration with our PAM products.

For products that can connect via API, our solutions can be easily accessed through our REST API. With a few lines of code, your IT administrators can quickly connect an existing solution—even one you’ve built in-house—to Secret Server, Privilege Manager, and DevOps Secrets Vault.

We’ve  added IBM Verify and Royal TS to our list of integrations; other key integrations include Splunk, SailPoint, ServiceNow, Okta, Yubico, and Rapid7. And we’ll continue to build new integrations with our partners’ and customers’ help.

…ensure that malicious attackers aren’t opening backdoors throughout your network

We can help you maximize your existing security investments and extend those investments as your needs and use cases evolve. We also help you ensure that malicious attackers aren’t opening backdoors throughout your network by allowing you to constantly and consistently manage, track, and audit each of your systems’ privileged accounts.

There’s a new place to find Thycotic integrations

Current and prospective customers can see all our integrations in our Integrations Center. The center provides search capabilities and the ability to view integrations by Thycotic solution and technology category. Those categories include:

  • SIEM
  • SAML
  • Access Rights Management
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Service Management/Ticket System
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Device Management
  • Behavior & Reputation
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • DevOps
  • Privileged Access Management

Each integration page provides an overview of the integration and links to documentation and downloads required to implement the integration.

PAM is one of the most important security controls your organization can implement to stop hackers, cyber criminals and rogue insiders. We are committed to ensuring that our PAM solutions integrate with your existing IT security solutions. Through these integrations, we make managing, protecting, and accessing privileged credentials an easy, efficient, and automated process.

Technology companies that would like to partner with us, please visit the Thycotic Partners page for more information.

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