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Newest Secret Server Release Enhances Performance, Flexibility and Control


Written by Barbara Hoffman

December 17th, 2019

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do.  So it’s been a busy year at Thycotic as we’ve rolled out a number of new solutions and enhancements to create an even more seamless experience for our Secret Server customers.  This drives PAM adoption to protect a large and diverse set of privileged accounts and help customers protect their ever-growing privileged account attack surface.

We’ve made our powerful PAM solution more efficient for the most active users

We know that evolving PAM maturity means understanding how our customers use our solutions day-to-day.  In anticipation of our latest Secret Server release, we worked closely with some of our largest customers to understand and enhance that day-to-day experience.  And we’ve made our powerful PAM solution even easier and more efficient for our most active users.

We streamlined our Database for faster analysis and response

Performance enhancements in this release include web password filler browser plugins, truncation of large log and audit tables as well as server-side paging reports that can be viewed dynamically. This streamlines the way users interact with Secret Server while processing large amounts of data to reduce database bloat.

Secret Server manages, monitors, and protects hundreds and even thousands of privileged accounts for large, distributed Enterprise customers. Retaining secrets and privileged account activity logs to comply with data retention policies can lead to large database archives and cause performance issues. In older PAM solutions, aggregating and reporting on a large set of privileged activities can slow down IT systems and decrease productivity.

To increase performance and avoid this decrease in productivity, the latest version of Secret Server allows for dynamic rendering of log and audit tables and server-side reports so information is presented section by section as users scroll.

New customization options increase flexibility and control 

Based on customer requests, users now have many more options to customize colors and logos in Secret Server to match their preferences.  We’re also rolling out Secret Server’s new Darkmode option to create a smoother interaction for end-users.

Secret Server Darkmode Screenshot
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As PAM maturity evolves, we’re leading the way to create solutions that provide a seamless experience and meet the strict requirements for enterprise readiness and usable security.

This latest release of Secret Server comes on the heels of several new solutions we’ve rolled out this year to enable our Secret Server customers to address their PAM challenges:

  • With the introduction of DevOps Secets Vault, we addressed the need for high-speed secrets management for software developers and DevOps teams with an API/CLI on AWS.
  • Shortly after DevOps Secrets Vault, our Account Lifecycle Manager hit the market. Through countless interactions with our customers, we heard about the inherent difficulties involved in managing service accounts. With the introduction of Account Lifecycle Manager our customers can control their service account sprawl in a way no other solution on the market can match.
  • Most recently, we launched Connection Manager to help Secret Server users overcome the challenges they face managing multiple privileged sessions. With its tight integration with Secret Server,  IT teams now have improved oversight over privileged sessions so they can uncover suspicious or unauthorized activities and respond appropriately. Connection Manager can scale across hundreds of different connections to boost productivity, strengthen security and improve compliance.

These innovations demonstrate our drive to help our customers deal with their ever-expanding PAM challenges and day-to-day usability needs.

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