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New Product Launch! Thycotic Connection Manager centrally manages multiple remote sessions and integrates with Secret Sever for vaulted credentials


Written by Barbara Hoffman

September 17th, 2019

Connection Manager provides centralized management of multiple remote sessions

Connection Manager is an advanced remote connection management solution that provides one place to manage and interact with multiple remote sessions. Connection Manager can scale across hundreds of different connections to improve productivity, strengthen security and tighten compliance.

With the release of Connection Manager, tight integration with Thycotic’s Secret Server provides privileged credentials from our secure vault and supports workflow actions.  Now session management is more streamlined than ever. Credential access, session recording, multi-factor authentication and Secrets access workflows can now be accessed in a unified environment

IT Admins can now scale across hundreds of connections

Connection Manager allows IT teams to evolve towards monitoring the IT environment from a single panel or interface, using a single source to deliver valuable privileged information. Using our advanced remote connection management solution, Admins can now scale across hundreds of connections with wide-scale interoperability.

See Connection Manager in action

Connection Manager provides:

  • Improved Productivity: Admins can quickly switch between active sessions or easily launch a new session in a separate tab, easily expanding to full screen. Connection Manager provides the necessary capabilities to scale across hundreds of different types of connections with wide-scale interoperability without creating chaos and confusion for the IT team.
  • Integrated Security: Tight integration with Secret Server provides privileged credentials and supports workflow actions. Credential access, session recording, multifactor authentication and access workflows can now be accessed in a single location. IT teams have improved oversight and accountability over privileged users so they can uncover suspicious or unauthorized activities and respond appropriately.
  • Proven Compliance: Connection manager allows admins to maintain a record of privileged activity and provide a clear audit trail to prove the high level of security and regulatory compliance of each connection. to meet regulations including SOX, HIPAA, ICS CERT, GLBA, PCI DSS, FDCC, FISMA among others.

Try it for yourself: Connection Manager Free Tool


Admins in large or complex IT environments often have multiple sessions active at once. System administrators connect to remote systems using a number of tools. Individually, they seem simple enough to manage. For a single session, it is a matter of using the right protocol and having access to appropriate credentials to launch a connection and gain access to the system.  We continue to hear from our clients, that as their groups scale efforts across larger networks, new cloud services, various connection protocols, various users, different business groups, and customer environments, serious challenges begin to arise.

Privileged session management’s impact on productivity

The proliferation of sessions can lower productivity, since each may support specific protocols and have its own tools and UI. If connections are manually managed, the number of configuration settings and lack of user management can create confusion that quickly overwhelms the team.  This is not just annoying or frustrating.  Failure to properly manage privileged sessions can also cause significant security risk.

When we refer to privileged session management, we are including the monitoring, recording and control over privileged sessions. Managing privileged sessions allows security and IT admins to improve oversight and accountability over privileged users and potentially uncover suspicious or unauthorized activities and react appropriately.

Most of the managed sessions are launched to secure resources requiring privileged access and require an administrator to quickly switch between sessions.  To maintain both productivity and security, users must be able to not only organize and centralize these session activities, but also retrieve the necessary privileged credentials from a secure vault. Logging into the vault separately to launch sessions interrupts their workflow.  They would much rather use a session manager and have the necessary credentials automatically injected into their sessions as needed.

It is the challenge so many IT teams face – the trade-off between productivity and security.  Done properly, privileged session management provides admins oversight and accountability in a unified environment to control the chaos.

Session recording helps organizations meet compliance mandates

Compliance teams need to be able to audit privileged activity to meet regulations including SOX, HIPAA, ICS CERT, GLBA, PCI DSS, FDCC, FISMA, among others.  For this reason, companies rely on privileged session management to provide an audit trail to prove regulatory compliance.

Recording privileged sessions results in an end-to-end record of users’ privileged access

Privileged session monitoring and management is important to achieve compliance and security requirements across many industries, but can be complex and time-consuming. This is why many organizations have turned to session recording.  Recording privileged sessions results in an end-to-end record of users’ privileged access and provides an audit trail from when the user checked out a secret, to what they did on the system, to when they logged off. This audit trail is critical to meeting many compliance mandates.


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