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KuppingerCole weighs in on Privileged Access Management vendors in new report

Written by Jordan True

April 23rd, 2019

Analyst firm KuppingerCole just released a new report— Leadership Compass March 2019 Vendor Evaluation for Privileged Access Management (PAM).  Over more than 60 pages, KuppingerCole analyst Anmol Singh provides a thorough review of 20 PAM vendors in a rapidly growing PAM market. He emphasizes, “PAM has emerged as one of the most crucial IAM technologies that has a direct relevance and impact on an organization’s cybersecurity program.”

…PAM has evolved into a set of technologies that are crucial for preventing security breaches and credential thefts

Singh rightly recognizes that PAM was “Once considered a technology option for optimizing administrative efficiency by managing passwords and other secrets.” But he emphasizes PAM has evolved into a set of technologies that are crucial for preventing security breaches and credential thefts. And he makes a point of saying PAM today must include Security and Risk Management leaders along with Infrastructure and Operation (I&O) managers in order to realize the full security and operational benefits of PAM.

According to KuppingerCole, leading PAM solutions must offer several key capabilities that include:

  • Privilege Account Discovery and Lifecycle Management
  • Credential Vaulting
  • Prevention of shared credentials abuse, third-party privilege abuse, and abuse of elevated privileges
  • Privileged Session Management
  • Session Recording and Management
  • Privileged User Analytics
  • Application-to-Application Password Management
  • Endpoint Privilege Management
  • Reporting, Audit, and Compliance

The Leadership Compass report follows a similar approach to other analyst firms, dividing vendors into leaders, challengers and followers, including both on-premises and/or cloud delivered Privileged Access Management.

Each vendor is evaluated and ranked in three areas: Product Leadership, Innovation Leadership and Market Leadership. Combining these areas together, KuppingerCole also includes an Overall Leadership category that features Thycotic along with five other vendors.

Singh cites Thycotic as having made “significant enhancements to its product strategy and partnerships, taking a big leap forward among the other contenders.”

Thycotic places in the top tier of Leaders for its Products

As expected, KuppingerCole defines Product Leadership as the functional strength and completeness of PAM products, and Thycotic places among the top leaders for its Products and its commitment to innovation compared to competitors.

The Innovation Leadership category requires a bit more explanation.  According to KuppingerCole, innovation represents what customers need in order to keep up with the rapid evolution and emerging requirements for PAM technology.  The report notes that innovation isn’t just limited to delivering a constant flow of new releases, but rather a customer-oriented upgrade approach, ensuring compatibility with earlier versions especially at the API level.  And, it encompasses delivering leading-edge new features which meet emerging customer requirements.  Here again, Thycotic places in the top tier of Leaders in Innovation.

The Market Leadership category is straightforward, encompassing the vendor’s number of customers, partner ecosystem, global reach, and related factors contributing to market leadership.  Thycotic, with its rapidly expanding international channel and partnership with IBM, has gained a stronger market position, according to the report.

By consistently placing among what KuppingerCole designates as the market champions, technology leaders and the “Big Ones” for innovation, Thycotic has earned its leadership position among the top vendors in the PAM marketplace.

To learn more, you can download the free report here.



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