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Usable Security in Secret Server 10.6 Addresses Top Pain Points of IT Ops


Written by Barbara Hoffman

February 21st, 2019

IT Ops teams have spoken, loud and clear. Their top goals for Privileged Access Management are increasing automation and ease of deployment. Over one third of respondents in Thycotic’s recent IT Ops Survey say PAM software that’s “too complex for daily use” hinders its effectiveness.

We couldn’t agree more.

Secret Server 10.6 is an innovative response to IT Ops concerns. As part of our ongoing focus on “usable security” this latest release includes cutting-edge PAM capabilities that make your life easier.


 New User Experience for Secret Server

To prepare for the 10.6 version of Secret Server, our Human Interaction team gathered in-depth feedback from over 70 active customers to design the new product interface to be easier, faster and more actionable. We began our UI rollout with Secret Server Cloud, and now expanding to Secret Server On-Premise. Features of the UI include:

  • A modern, clean interface that eliminates distractions so users can focus on priority tasks
  • New styles that indicate the next step to advance workflow
  • Drag-and-drop dashboard modules that allow for customization
  • Context-sensitive elements that appear only when users need them

More Powerful Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

With the release of 10.6, Thycotic now provides built-in support for hardware tokens using the FIDO2 security standard as a second factor of authentication to access Secret Server.

We’ve teamed up with Yubico to make it super easy to use Yubikeys as part of your MFA approach to tighten security. By touching the YubiKey, users can verify their physical presence and confirm they are a trusted team member, not a cyber criminal.

Greater Accountability with Advanced Session Recording

Session monitoring innovations in Secret Server 10.6, including performance enhancements for customers who record large volumes of sessions, give you an additional layer of oversight and help you hold users accountable for their actions when accessing privileged accounts.

Recording privileged sessions results in an end-to-end record of a user’s privileged access and provides an audit trail of all activities from the moment a user checks out a secret to when he or she logs off. This audit trail is critical to meeting many compliance mandates.

Additionally, session recording also allows an administrator to watch video of actions performed during a session, which helps provide insight into user behavior, improve training and check for evidence of insider threats. With Secret Server 10.6, you can now:

  • Capture keystrokes, process activity and programs running
  • Record and watch sessions with a web playback interface and heat mapping
  • Perform a cross-session search

Tiered Approvals for High Value Secrets

All secrets are important. But, some secrets are more important than others. With Secret Server 10.6, you can now require multiple tiers of approval for high value secrets, with different approvers and conditions at each level.

Here’s how it could work:

  • A user needs access to a server containing sensitive, protected customer data.
  • First, a manager must approve the access as necessary.
  • Then, the Chief Privacy Officer must confirm the request complies with corporate policy and approve.

The Bottom Line: Usable Security Lowers Your Risk

There’s wide consensus that systems which aren’t usable inevitably suffer security failures when deployed in the real world. We’ve all heard it said that the biggest cyber security vulnerability is “people.”  People making mistakes. People neglecting maintenance. People resisting change. When security solutions are easy to use, they support rapid adoption and reduce the chances of human error.

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