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Thycotic Releases Incident Response Policy Template to Keep the Next Breach from Becoming a Cyber Catastrophe

Written by Jordan True

July 26th, 2018

Free Policy Template Designed to Help Incident Response Teams and IT Administrators Maintain Business Continuity During a Privileged Account Cyberattack

WASHINGTON, D.C., July 26, 2018 — Thycotic, provider of privileged account management (PAM) solutions for more than 7,500 organizations worldwide, today announced the release of its free Incident Response Policy Template. The Incident Response Policy Template outlines proactive steps companies can take to build resilience and be prepared to respond to a cyber-incident. This new tool will lower the time it takes for IT teams to respond to an incident once it occurs, allowing business continuity during a cyber-attack.

Auditors and regulatory bodies have varying requirements for documenting and reporting cyber incidents. During a crisis, it’s difficult for incident responders to gather the appropriate people needed to meet audit and regulatory requirements, troubleshoot and fix the problem, and alert the appropriate authorities. Without an Incident Response Plan in place prior to an emergency, companies face incredibly difficult choices, during a major emergency where the pressure can make it difficult to make reasoned decisions or perform the necessary review of legal and business consequences. The policy template by Thycotic is designed to help companies create a plan before an emergency strikes, ensuring they have identified and trained the correct cross functional response team, reviewed regulatory requirements for reporting and documenting the attack, and have a plan for public communication.   

“When a company is under attack, the reality is, if you do not already have an incident response plan in place, it’s too late to build one without big consequences,” said Joseph Carson, Chief Security Scientist, at Thycotic. “IT teams and business units must form a united front in the face of a cyber-attack to not only fix the problem, but also have a proactive plan in place, where regulatory requirements are documented and everyone understands their role. This new free Incident Response Policy Template outlines actionable steps companies will take during a breach, ensuring decisions can be made quickly to maintain business operations.”

Thycotic’s Incident Response Policy Template not only prepares companies on steps to take during a cyber incident but is customizable, so organizations can define their own risk criteria, roles and responsibilities, and crisis communication strategies. Recommended actions from the tool are based on extensive work with security teams of all sizes.

“The more visibility and clarity IT teams have into the incident response process the better coordinated they will be when resolving the problem,” added Carson. “This Incident Response Policy Template allows for just that.”

Download the free Incident Response Policy Template here. And check out Thycotic’s Incident Response Whitepaper to learn the telltale indicators of a cyber attack and find out what plans you need to have in place in order to shut it down. 


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