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Thycotic, an Award-Winning Privilege Access Management Security Solutions Announces Strategic Partnership with SINEVIS

Written by Jordan True

July 3rd, 2018

July 03, 2018 – Thycotic, the fastest growing cybersecurity IT company offering solutions for Privileged Access Management (PAM) announced it has formed a strategic partnership with SINEVIS, a leading Professional Services organization serving 150+ Organizations in 20 Countries based on years of proven expertise in technology delivery across many IT domains.

Privileged accounts that exist everywhere in an organization are the preferred target of hackers, enabling them to exploit an IT network undetected. Privileged accounts can also be abused by malicious insiders, giving them access to sensitive data and systems. Thus, PAM is one of the most important security controls organizations can implement to stop hackers, cyber criminals and insider abuse.

“With extensive experience and expertise in the design, implementation and operational services for Identity & Access Management, we consider PAM a critical first step in safeguarding users with privileged access to sensitive data,” according to Dhananjoy Chowdhury, Founder and Managing Director of SINEVIS. “Thycotic’s PAM products play a key role in protecting privileged accounts, providing immediate and readily adopted security solutions that address the critical needs of our customers.”

The partnership enables SINEVIS to provide strategy, design, implementation & operational services through a rigorous Thycotic certification program they have passed.

“SINEVIS has invested in expanding the expertise of our team to assist organizations globally in the delivery of PAM requirements,” Chowdhury said. “Businesses are seeking innovative and best of breed PAM products, and SINEVIS is proud to have joined the Professional Services Organization of Thycotic Solutions after completing Thycotic’s Partner Professional Services Certification Program.”

“The combination of SINEVIS’s years of experience in protecting the credentials and access of critical business applications, and its wide range of expertise serving various recognized Technology Vendors integrated with Thycotic software, makes SINEVIS an ideal partner to deliver professional services with Thycotic,” according to Tamir Orbach, Vice President of Pro Services, Sales Engineering, and Knowledge Management at Thycotic.

“Thycotic’s award-winning security solutions and SINEVIS consulting services working together in partnership, take PAM security and functionality to the next level of capability and maturity helping to protect customer’s most valuable information assets,” Husam Al Saraf, Operations Director and Managing Partner of SINEVIS concluded.

SINEVIS is a leading professional services organization with years of proven expertise in technology delivery. SINEVIS serves more than 200 organizations globally, providing trusted and reliable expertise and services from strategic technology consulting and assessment through to solution implementation and lifecycle optimization. By following a customer-centric delivery model, SINEVIS enables organizations to solve their difficult and significant technology challenges using business technology strategies that achieve optimum value for their technology investments while reducing risks and lowering overall costs.  Visit