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Why Knowledge is Power In PAM

Written by Thycotic Team

June 7th, 2018

Guest post from Alpha Generation a Thycotic certified partner who specializes in IT distribution with a focus on proactive security in the UK.

As you’d expect, we think the right technology is a critical part of IT security. Tools for Privileged Account Management (PAM) are a vital addition to your security stack, protecting against threats that firewalls and antivirus systems simply can’t.

But, on a more fundamental level, keeping your accounts secure is really all about knowledge – from understanding your risk to what constitutes best practice. Technology doesn’t solve your problems alone. It just gives you a means to put your knowledge into practice, then improves your visibility so you can increase your knowledge over time.

Whether you’re just turning your attention to PAM or looking for a refresher, the experts at Thycotic have prepared a Privileged Password Security Certification Training Course. In just one hour, you can boost your understanding and – with CPE credit from iSC2 – boost your credentials too.

FREE Cybersecurity for Dummies ebook

FREE Cybersecurity for Dummies ebook

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Increasing awareness where it counts

Year-after-year, privileged accounts remain the number one target for hackers and malicious insiders alike. They offer widespread access to critical systems and data and, worse, are notoriously under-secured and difficult to monitor. It’s this lack of good security that makes privileged accounts so attractive.

For security professionals, it can be hard to balance effective policies and controls with productivity. How can you enforce robust security without making it harder to use important accounts?

For IT administrators, years of password sharing have become the familiar workflow that lets teams share responsibility for admin tasks. How can you minimise changes to ways of working while adding much-needed accountability?

For end-users, there’s a frontline responsibility to protect credentials that could be used to escalate privileges over time. How do you know when you shouldn’t share your details – and how can businesses train and educate people with wildly different comfort levels around IT?

Thycotic’s simple, no-fuss course is designed to provide a basic understanding of PAM in just one hour, giving you key knowledge of the password management essentials.

Get PAM certified in 60 minutes

Now available through Thycotic Academy, the Privileged Password Security training course is ideal for anyone that’s responsible for IT security.

In a handful of easy-to-digest videos, you’ll learn:

  • What privileged accounts are
  • Why they need extra security
  • Best practices on safeguarding privileged accounts
  • How to properly store passwords, lock down accounts, and configure authentication

All wrapped up with a simple assessment that earns you a one-hour CPE credit that can help you achieve or maintain your certification.

You can start in a few clicks – and stop and come back whenever you need to.

Get the knowledge you need to protect your admin credentials. Earn your PAM certification now.


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