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Infosecurity Europe kicks off in London on June 5, 2018. Here’s how you’ll get the most out of it

Written by Joseph Carson

June 5th, 2018

It’s the beginning of June and that means one thing in the cyber security professional’s calendar: Infosecurity Europe is here.

Infosecurity Europe  is one of the largest cyber security events in Europe with over 400 exhibitors gathering to show off the latest in cyber security defense (and also some offensive capabilities) to about 20,000 cyber security professionals. These professionals are there to find the latest protection for an ever-growing array of cyber security threats that are more aggressive and more pervasive than ever before.

There are over 250 conference sessions that are free, delivered by the best and most experienced cyber professionals

And as we’re barely two weeks into the EU GDRP (which came into effect on May 25th 2018) organizations are especially cognizant of the fact that now they must do even more to protect the sensitive data they have been entrusted with, or face massive financial penalties for failure to comply.

This is a must-attend event for those cyber security professionals based in Europe who are unable to travel to the USA for the prime cyber events.  It’s also an incredible opportunity for some to reconnect with peers and colleagues, and enhance their cyber skills.

At Infosecurity Europe there are over 250 conference sessions that are free, delivered by the best and most experienced cyber professionals.  First rate cyber security vendors are available for one-to-one consultations, many of whom are presenting up and coming solutions and new innovative ways to protect the most valued company assets.

How to get the most out of Infosecurity Europe

For even the most experienced CISO or cyber security professional it is important to get the most out of Infosecurity Europe. This means doing some homework and planning your schedule.  Go through the agenda and the list of speakers, topics and expo hall vendors and determine which of those are aligned to your cyber security strategy and priorities in the coming year or two.

Once you have identified speakers of interest and sessions that fit your cyber strategy, and whether any vendors you are currently evaluating are exhibiting in the expo hall, then it is time to make your move.  Try and chat the speakers or secure 1-1 meetings so they can answer questions that are specific to your industry or organization.  During the sessions meet with peers who have similar challenges and network with them. I honestly find this to be one of the most valuable experiences I take away from InfoSecurity Europe, even if it’s just sharing my own experience and knowledge with others.  Finally, meet with your existing vendors or future vendors in the exhibitor hall to find out what’s new, and familiarize yourself with the upcoming technologies.

When attending InfoSecurity Europe you’ll likely find yourself bombarded with marketing ploys and big hype words like AI, MACHINE LEARNING and BLOCKCHAIN.  Don’t get sucked into it. Instead, invest your time in understanding the technologies and what value they provide. The hype is designed to get your attention: AI, MACHINE LEARNING AND BLOCKCHAIN are all going to save the world, AI will stop all cyber-attacks, MACHINE LEARNING will allow you to take vacation, and BLOCKCHAIN—well that is just icing on the cake, right?  Sometimes you simply have to see through the message. I like to play a Expo Hall Bingo game to determine if what I’m looking at is a technology looking for solution or is it a real solution that solves an existing problem.  It’s important to not get stuck into the FOG and know exactly what problems you are looking to solve.

Real-World Cyber War: The Lessons Learned

If you’re interested in hearing about a real-world cyber war then stop by my Strategy Talk “Real-World Cyberwar: The Lessons Learned” at 14:40 – 15:05.  During my talk you’ll learn about Estonia which is a small country in the Baltics that has been at the forefront of cyber technology for many years. My talk provides the story from Estonia’s independence in 1991 to its use of blockchain for the integrity of voting and medical records, the importance and criticality of the identity management system that allows a citizen to vote, check online banking, e-residents and tax returns. I’ll also discuss the impact of the cyber war on Estonia and the lessons learned from the risks. The key lesson in this session is to show what happened before and after this significant event.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Importance of blockchain for data integrity and veracity
  • The need for government identity management
  • The cyber war lessons learned

If you’re attending InfoSecurity Europe please come visit Thycotic at stand F285 and find out what’s new. You’ll meet some of the most passionate professionals in the industry who’ll be happy to answer any Privileged Access Management questions you might have.

Thycotic will be at stand F285 at InfoSecurity Europe in London, June 5 - 7

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