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European Identity & Cloud Conference 2018: The Place Where the Digital Transformation is Alive


Written by Anna Michniewska

May 31st, 2018

Exhibitions and conferences focusing exclusively on the management and security of digital identities are rare in Europe. The European Identity & Cloud Conference, which leading analyst firm KuppingerCole has been organizing in Munich for twelve years now, is therefore even more important for the industry. Every year the EIC agenda focuses on the latest and most relevant Information Security and Digital Identity Management topics, providing attendees with the tools and strategies they need to fulfill current and future business identity and security challenges.

The 2018 European Identity and Cloud Conference

The EIC agenda focuses on the most relevant Information Security and Digital Identity Management topics

No wonder, then, that Thycotic was also there this year–enriching the EIC conference 2018 as a gold sponsor as well as with two speaker sessions hosted by our Chief Security Scientist, Joseph Carson.

Digital Identity Challenges: From GDPR to Targeted Account Attacks

The 60 exhibitors and 200+ speakers at EIC 2018 have made one thing clear: the topic of digital identities is multifaceted and complex. Digital identities are at the heart of any digital transformation, because identities stand for users, administrators, customers, devices and machines. Even applications, interfaces, bots and algorithms have a digital identity. But, with a mixture of best practice discussions, visionary presentations, and networking opportunities with thought leaders, leading vendors, analysts, executives, and end-users, the EIC supported its visitors in keeping track and identifying individual challenges.

One key topic at the forefront of conversations this year was the EU General Data Protection Regulation – after all, the GDPR came into force just a few days after the conference. As the issue of privacy affects every aspect of a business, a lineup of speakers, leading analysts and legal privacy experts helped attendees to find their way through the jungle of the new regulations by helping them achieve the best possible balance between business needs and legal requirements. It also helped them better understand what privacy-by-design means to existing infrastructure and how to future-proof it, as well as to explore completely new business models.

Companies need to focus on secure privileged access management solutions to ensure GDPR conformity

From GDPR it is only a small step to the security of privileged accounts. As privileged accounts allow access to sensitive data and company assets and are therefore a popular target for cyber criminals and insider threats, companies need to focus on secure privileged access management solutions to ensure GDPR conformity. That’s where our Chief Security Scientist, Joseph Carson, came into play. In his two sessions Joe explained why privileged accounts are so popular with hackers, how such attacks work, and which technologies effectively protect sensitive accounts from compromise.

For his first presentation “Evolution of security perimeter: Why IAM is becoming the last frontier”, Joe focused on the inefficiencies of traditional security perimeter protection and presented interesting insights into the approach and thinking of cyber attackers. During his second session “The anatomy of a privileged account hack”, he then discussed how it is possible to stop such attacks.

Evolution of security perimeter: Why IAM is becoming the last frontier

Joe focused on the inefficiencies of traditional security perimeter protection

Thanks to Joe´s remarkable expertise, his extensive experience in the cyber sector and the exciting stories he is creating – (If you want to know what pirates and a light bulb have to do with almost cancelling Christmas, get in touch with him!), Joe´s sessions were the most frequented sessions of the whole conference, as the overcrowded rooms showed and organizer KuppingerCole later confirmed to us.

Security is a Team Game: Announcing our new OEM Partnership with IBM Security

The wide range of products and solutions presented at the EIC also made one thing clear: the security of digital identities is not a “solo effort”. Effective security must be a team effort, as today’s security and compliance requirements cannot be fully addressed by a single vendor or solution. Even if many of the exhibitors have a broad portfolio, there can be no supplier who covers everything.

In keeping with this thought, we announced our new original equipment manufacturing (OEM) agreement with IBM Security during the EIC conference. We are pleased that, as part of this agreement, IBM Security will now offer a new privileged access management solution called IBM Security Secret Server, powered by Thycotic’s technology. This agreement with IBM is our answer to the growing and urgent need to protect privileged accounts and user credentials and gives IBM Security partners new opportunities in PAM solutions.

See you next year

Now the EIC 2018 has ended, it is time to apply what has been learned to develop new approaches and strategies, and use all resources to keep digital identities as secure as possible. As the conference organizer KuppingerCole has already invited Joseph Carson to be one of the selected key note speakers next year, we are looking forward to attending the EIC 2019.

Thycotic's booth at the European Identity & Cloud Conference 2018

Thycotic was one of 60 exhibitors at EIC 2018

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