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2018 Cyber Security Breaches: Client Concerns, Opportunities for Solution Providers

Written by Charlie Patsios

May 29th, 2018

Cyber-criminal groups have an extensive arsenal of surveillance and research methodologies they use to search for even the smallest of vulnerabilities in your cyber security protections—vulnerabilities that enable them to infiltrate your organization, gather intelligence and access your systems.

Thycotic’s 2018 Global Channel Partner Survey Report indicates that these cyber-criminals are largely successful.

If your task is to combat cyber threats and keep up with increasingly sophisticated attack methods while protecting and aligning security with your company’s business objectives, then you’ll definitely want to read the report. In addition to presenting some mind-boggling breach statistics, the report also highlights client cyber security concerns and opportunities for solution providers.

62 percent of solution providers said that cyber-attacks were specifically targeting their clients’ privileged accounts

According to Thycotic’s Report 74% of partners stated that their clients had a breach within the past 12 months, but the most shocking finding was that more than half (55%) did not act to fully remediate the vulnerabilities leading to the breach. And a disturbing 18 percent did not take any action at all to help prevent a breach recurrence.

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FREE Cybersecurity for Dummies ebook

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Additionally, 62 percent of solution providers said that cyber-attacks were specifically targeting their clients’ privileged accounts with the intention of exploiting credential vulnerabilities.

In many instances, their clients were either unaware that they’ve missed protecting a single end-point (it only takes one), didn’t fully enforce a risk assessment policy, or neglected to identify discontinued privileged accounts. The survey results suggest an urgent need for solution providers to not only educate their clients about cyber security risks, but to directly assist them in acting by supplying software tools and services that will minimize and mitigate threats.

Download the Report here—it’s just 8 pages and includes some great free resources for you to use immediately.


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