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Thycotic and AusCERT – Building Resilience


Written by Samantha Voss

May 22nd, 2018

Free up your calendar! Thycotic will be participating at the 17th Annual AusCERT Cyber Security Conference, running across three days, May 29 – June 1, 2018. Together, Thycotic and master distributor, emt Distribution will be arriving at Queensland’s Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise Marriott, ready to discuss your most pressing Privilege Access Management pains.

The AusCERT Conference is known as the ‘premier IT security event’ in Australia. Expecting 700 delegates ranging from large organisations, governments, and small businesses, attendees will indulge in the framework of evolving technologies and emerging threats.

Plus, many great keynote and tutorial speakers are showcasing at this year’s conference. You can check them out here.  I’m personally looking forward to Brian Brushwood’s keynote. What about you?

“With an unparalleled track-record of hosting the best information security speakers in the world” – AusCERT 2018

Together, with emt Distribution, Thycotic will be ‘spreading the word’ about the importance of Privilege Access Management and how its adoption will mitigate cyber threats and essentially create a stronger force to build cyber security resilience.

Throughout the conference, Thycotic will venture into a discussion around IT security issues while networking with industry peers to find out their biggest pain points when it comes to Privilege Access Management and Privileged Accounts. So, if you are from an organisation where you seek top-level security without the complexity, come by the Thycotic Booth #S4 and have a chat. Over these three days, you can book an appointment with us or simply pop in and we can give you a Secret Server demo showcasing how to automatically discover and identify all of your privileged accounts.

Plus, we will have some great freebies and handy tools to give away! So, don’t forget to drop by – booth #S4.

Catch you on the Goldy!


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