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Thycotic Releases Free Least Privilege Discovery Tool

Written by Jordan True

April 5th, 2018

WASHINGTON, D.C., April 5, 2018 — Thycotic, provider of privileged account management (PAM) solutions for more than 7,500 organizations worldwide, today announced the release of its Least Privilege Discovery Tool – a standalone tool that enables organizations to raise awareness and justify a least privilege policy. The new discovery tool provides an executive-level summary report analyzing local administrative accounts and introduces non-technical users to the extent of high privileges and the vulnerabilities they cause – motivating organizations to implement a least privilege policy.

“Our Least Privilege Discovery Tool is essential for a company to research, justify, and initialize a least privilege policy,” said Steve Kahan, CMO, at Thycotic. “Locking down high privileges across endpoints by rolling out a least privilege policy greatly reduces the possible entry points for hackers and malware. This tool can be used as a first brick to building a strong security foundation.”

The agentless, Windows-run tool installs in minutes, discovers and scans endpoint privileges, and is free forever for repeated use to find least privilege gaps or omissions. After downloading Thycotic’s new tool, it immediately runs to discover Windows endpoint users, accounts and applications with high privileges. According to Avecto’s 2018 Microsoft Vulnerability Report, 95 percent of critical vulnerabilities affecting Windows browsers and 80 percent of all Microsoft vulnerabilities could be mitigated by removing admin rights.

The tool discovers and reports the following:

  • Endpoints and users with high privilege admin accounts on their Windows machines
  • The number of unique users across all machines with local admin privileges
  • The average number of admin accounts per machine
  • Numbers and averages for other higher privileged groups such as Remote Desktop Users, Backup Operators
  • Thycotic Releases Free Least Privilege Discovery Tool Applications on endpoints that have requested admin rights in the past
  • Applications on endpoints with unknown publishers that may need to be denied
  • Applications on endpoints from trusted publishers that can be allowed.

While the free tool informs organizations of the scope of their vulnerability from high privileges on endpoints, many organizations are daunted by the impact on IT staff when implementing a least privilege policy and even more concerned about hampering busy end users from accessing the applications they need to perform their jobs. Thycotic offers a fully automated, scalable, least privilege solution in its Thycotic Privilege Manager to remove both of these obstacles to least privilege.

When using Privilege Manager for allowing, denying, restricting and automating workflows for approval requests, users are not prevented from running or installing the applications they need to stay productive. For organizations that need least privilege enforcement to pass security audits, Privilege Manager demonstrates and vigilantly monitors compliance.

Download the free Least Privilege Discovery Tool here.


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