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State of Indiana Relies on Thycotic Secret Server to Unify, Automate and Customize Privileged Access Password Management

Written by Jordan True

April 3rd, 2018

WASHINGTONApril 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Thycotic, a provider of privileged account management (PAM) solutions for more than 7,500 organizations worldwide, announced that the State of Indiana is expanding the use of Thycotic Secret Server to manage and protect privileged passwords across its diverse statewide IT infrastructure.

“We took a major step years ago in moving our admins from spreadsheets to storing passwords with Secret Server,” explained Gordon Brock, senior systems administrator for the State of Indiana.  “Today we are utilizing Secret Server on multiple levels to create and manage service accounts, rotate passwords, audit usage for compliance, and control access to privileged accounts.”

Thycotic Secret Server software enables enterprises to discover, store, secure and manage privileged account passwords while streamlining the management process.  Secret Server is being used by the State of Indiana to centralize, control, and protect privileged account passwords and safeguard access to their systems from cyberattacks and malicious insiders.

“Because it’s so easy to deploy and use, Secret Server has been a huge advantage for us, helping to manage all these administrative passwords, auditing who’s looking at them, controlling who can access them,” added Brock.

Describing Thycotic as “bullet-proof,” Brock appreciated that Secret Server had never been down over the years, helping ensure secure access to critical infrastructure with protected passwords was literally always available.  Most of all; however, Brock emphasized the flexibility of Secret Server for customization to the State of Indiana’s specific needs.

Citing the example of creating a service account, Brock explained that his team was able to automate the process of account provisioning. “By using Secret Server and a template we created, we’ve eliminated all kinds of mistakes and made it a very clean and more efficient process,” he said.

“Everything is fill in the blank for the user, so we get exactly the information we want, the password that we want, and then with a click of a button Secret Server creates the account and verifies it’s legitimate with a health check. “Secret Server’s powerful API’s and scripting capabilities have allowed us to automate stuff that took forever to accomplish before,” Brock emphasized. “It’s a winner all the way around.”

“We are pleased that in a highly competitive marketplace, the State of Indiana has chosen to grow with Thycotic Secret Server as a trusted partner in securing and streamlining its privileged access management,” said James Legg, president and CEO at Thycotic.  “It’s critical that government institutions today are able to improve their cybersecurity, enhance productivity of their users and demonstrate compliance with easy, effective and affordable privileged access management solutions.”


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