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A fresh coat of paint over rust does not reduce complexity or improve customer experience

Written by Thycotic Team

November 29th, 2017

I have been in the industry for a long time with more than 25 years’ experience in building proven security products, and sharing my cybersecurity knowledge, to help companies reduce the risk against cyber threats.

One thing I have found in this vast evolving cybersecurity industry is that complexity and security do not mix, if a product is far too complex, takes too long to implement and with limited resources to keep it running means by the time you get the product installed, and before you even get it integrated into your existing security environment, it is already too late—you already got breached. The complex solution needs to be upgraded or even replaced.

Cybersecurity defenses are not sustainable when the solutions are complex, difficult to manage, and as a result—costly

Cybersecurity defenses are no longer sustainable when the solutions are too complex, too difficult to manage and as a result they are too costly—both in time and money.  Thus, it’s not surprising that breaches seem to be occurring at an accelerated rate and in greater numbers.

Wind the clock back to 1999 when many companies where facing the famous Y2K bug, a challenge that had companies rushing to patch systems with an estimated fix cost of more than $400 billion.  At that time companies relied on complex mainframe computing systems that typically took months or even years to deploy. It wasn’t unusual for software and IT management solutions to require highly skilled professionals to implement, using complicated configurations, and encyclopedic documentation. Getting professionals to use these systems also took months of training, with TCO running into millions of dollars.

One would expect that those days would be well behind us. Yet the state of cybersecurity today suggests we face similar challenges, with many companies unable to implement the protection and safeguards they need.  While other technologies have steadily moved to the cloud, established virtualized solutions, and delivered software as services, some cybersecurity solutions have failed to keep pace with these trends.

As a result, far too many companies are still installing and managing cybersecurity software “like it’s 1999.” Spending months to perform software upgrades or waiting for skilled professionals to become available is no longer a viable cybersecurity strategy.  In the race to stop the rapidly morphing exploits of hackers and cyber criminals, complexity in cybersecurity solutions acts as a ball and chain, preventing us from ever catching up.

What I know is that simplicity must be built into the solutions and putting a fresh UI on top of complexity is like putting a fresh coat of paint on top of rust, eventually the foundation underneath is going to collapse and crumble.  Cybersecurity solutions need to be built with simplicity, ease of use, unquestionable user experience and value for money.

Would you buy a car that is old, full of rust, complex to use, requires a service every 10 miles and is extremely expensive, with very few skilled people who can drive it, and all the dealer does for you is put a fresh coat of paint over it and says: look we made it better.

Do not be fooled by fresh paint, try the cybersecurity solutions yourself and get to know what is under the paint.

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