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Written by Samantha Voss

October 20th, 2017

This year, Thycotic’s Annual Partner Conference – UNLOCKED, took place in the picturesque plains of Alicante, Spain. Situated at the La Finca Golf & Spa Resort, the conference ran from the 3rd to the 5th of October and was attended by a great audience – Thycotic’s partners in crime.

Led by Thycotic’s finest; Company Executive Officer – James Legg, Chief Marketing Officer – Steve Kahan, and Vice President – Simon Azzopardi, UNLOCKED gave our partners a great opportunity to hear an in-depth overview about Thycotic from some of the most invested and knowledgeable masterminds within the company.

As a global company, each year we are given a great opportunity to gather our partners together and help them develop, excel and build their understanding and familiarity about Thycotic. Seeing a number of new and reoccurring faces, Thycotic continues to build strong and trusted relationships with their partners. Each year becomes more impressive, as the strong dedication and growth between Thycotic and their partners continue to climb. The extremity of how hard working our partners are and the time they dedicate to working with Thycotic to essentially draw in business is invaluable.

This year’s conference surrounded educational and informative presentations about Thycotic’s new and current products, how you can best utilize them, and how to utilize our services and support; such as Marketing, Sales and Technical Services. Essentially, this aided in the growth of our partner’s familiarity with Thycotic and their comprehension about how together with Thycotic, they can the most effectively grow revenues, profitability and create business. Our partners were also able to sit in on product deep dives with our Product Management team, including; best practices, usage scenarios, and completing partner testimonials.

Three partners were invited as guest speakers to present about their experiences with Thycotic. What’s a better way than Thycotic partners to share their experiences and advice, partner to partner? Presenting insightful firsthand experiences, each presentation covered how they have succeeded and benefitted from Thycotic, but most importantly demonstrating how our other partners’ can do the same.

A special mention to our keynote speakers for their knowledgeable presentations.

  • Paul Scully – Sales Director at Voodo Tec
  • Scott Hagenus – Chief Marketing Officer of emt Distribution
  • Ricky Magalhaes – Managed Security Services Dir., Logicalis

Thycotic would like to take the time to thank all of our partners for their efforts and time that has contributed toward building a cyber-safe world with Thycotic Solutions. Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today. So, it is with great pleasure to express Thycotic’s continuous appreciation to all of our Thycotic partners. Thank you!

Congratulations to our following Partner Award Winners:

International Distributor Pre-Sales of the Year

Winner: Adam Hack – emt Distribution

Runner-Up: Patrice Alexandre – ABBAKAN

International VAR Pre-Sales of the Year

Winner: Kimmo Hintsanen – Nixu Finland

Runner-Up: Tommy Abrahamsson – Secu

International Product Manager of the Year

Winner: Thomas Queisser – net-point ag

Runner-Up: Matthias Juchhoff – Also

International Marketing Campaign of the Year

Winner: Alpha-Generation

Runner-Up: AFI

International Distributor of the Year

Winner: emt Distribution

Runner-Up: Alpha-Generation

International Emerging Distributor of the Year

Winner: AFI

Runner-Up: Shifra

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Samantha Voss

Samantha Voss is the International Marketing Assistant for Thycotic. Located in Adelaide, Australia working under EMT Distribution, Samantha recently graduated from University and has been a Thycotic member for six months. As the International Marketing Assistant for the ANZ region, Samantha's role entails event organization, campaign management, lead generation, building brand awareness and localizing international campaigns, just name a few. Samantha loves all things Thycotic and her passion for the cyber security industry continues to grow.

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