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Top 5 privileged account security reports CISOs must have: What is the status of your privileged account password policy compliance?

Written by Jordan True

August 28th, 2017

Do you know an IT security professional who would NOT want an at-a-glance view of all the credentials being managed by their privileged account management tool, and absolute assurance that they adhere to the organization’s assigned policy requirements? I think not.

In this exclusive 5-part Thycotic educational series we outline the privileged account security reports CISOs must have to effectively protect their organization from cyber attacks and insider threats:

Report 1 – What computers in Active Directory no longer exist?
Report 2 – Which privileged accounts are no longer valid?
Report 3 – Who hasn’t logged in within the last 90 days?
You’re reading: Report 4 – What is the status of your privileged account password policy compliance?
Report 5 – Which privileged account passwords are expiring this week?

CISO Report 4: What is the status of your privileged account password policy compliance?

The “Privileged account password policy compliance status” report provides a holistic view of all the credentials being managed by your privileged account management tool, and whether they adhere to the assigned policy requirements for privileged password complexity, rotation cycles and other mandated configuration items.

It is vital that you periodically review and verify that these policies have been applied, and that no one has modified the credential itself outside the scope of the applied policies. Privileged accounts that no longer meet their policy requirements may be out of corporate policy scope or fail to meet regulatory compliance.

By providing an easy-to-read pass/fail type of report, IT Admins and CISOs can quickly identify which accounts are outside of policy compliance and immediately investigate and remediate the situation in order to ensure compliance. This tool can also be used to provide evidence to auditors that privileged accounts within the scope of a particular regulation or policy framework are compliant and adhere to those requirements.

Password Compliance Report in Secret Server


What you get from this report

• An easy-to-read red/green fail/pass dashboard view of privileged credentials that do or do not meet their assigned policy configuration requirements

• Demonstrable evidence for auditors and risk managers to prove that privileged accounts meet regulatory and internal policy requirements

• Designated policy and password requirements that are outlined right next to the listed privileged accounts to help admins determine if policies or requirements are not assigned properly

See for yourself how valuable these reports are for improving your company’s security posture and helping to demonstrate compliance with policies. When you download our free 30-day trial of Secret Server you’ll start running reports immediately, and you’ll have outstanding support should you need it:

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