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Top 5 privileged account security reports CISOs must have: Which privileged accounts are no longer valid?

Written by Jordan True

August 1st, 2017

When you do not know which of your sensitive stored credentials are incorrect and no longer working normally, you run the risk that they will be changed outside the scope of your corporate policy by an administrator or by a malicious attacker who has breached your system.

In this exclusive 5-part Thycotic educational series we outline the privileged account security reports CISOs must have to effectively protect their organization from cyber attacks and insider threats:

Report 1 – What computers in Active Directory no longer exist?
You’re reading: Report 2 – Which privileged accounts are no longer valid?
Report 3 – Who hasn’t logged in within the last 90 days?
Report 4 – What is the status of your privileged account password policy compliance?
Report 5 – Which privileged account passwords are expiring this week?

CISO Report 2: Which privileged accounts are no longer valid?

The “Which privileged accounts are no longer valid?” report reveals the credentials kept inside your privileged account management solution that are no longer verifiably correct or accurate. This is done by means of verification check. Privileged account management tools should have the ability to communicate outbound to target systems and check whether or not the credential being managed within the tool is still the correct username and password that works with the target system.

This check is crucial verification that the credentials stored are accurate and working normally. Without this, credentials could be changed outside the scope of corporate policy by an administrator, or worse, by a malicious attacker who has compromised your system.

To help streamline remediation efforts and correct mismatched credentials, the report also provides the reason for the failure of the verification check. This allows for faster correction of credentials which are non-compliant or potentially compromised.

What you get from this report

  • Certain knowledge of which credentials stored within your privileged account management tool are still valid and which are not
  • Auditable compliance adherence to show that credentials are being managed appropriately and have not fallen out of policy or regulatory compliance
  • Insight into why the credential no longer works properly so that administrators or other IT staff can remediate the situation more quickly and efficiently

When you download our 30-day free trial of Secret Server you’ll very quickly see how valuable this report is for improving your company’s security posture and helping demonstrate compliance with policies—it’s a fast and painless set-up, and our support team is outstanding:

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