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Top 5 privileged account security reports CISOs must have: What computers in Active Directory no longer exist?

Written by Thycotic Team

July 24th, 2017

When you know which computers in Active Directory no longer exist or have been decommissioned, you can quickly take action to protect your organization from the multitude of risks presented by unknown or unmanaged systems and accounts.

Hackers target your privileged account credentials for good reason. Once they gain access, they can escalate their privileges and move through your network and identify and compromise confidential information. Hijacking the privileged credentials of an authorized user, an attacker can easily blend in with legitimate traffic and be extremely difficult to detect.

In this exclusive 5-part Thycotic educational series we outline the privileged account security reports CISOs must have to effectively protect their organization from cyber attacks and insider threats:

You’re reading: Report 1 – What computers in Active Directory no longer exist?
Report 2 – Which privileged accounts are no longer valid?
Report 3 – Who hasn’t logged in within the last 90 days?
Report 4 – What is the status of your privileged account password policy compliance?
Report 5 – Which privileged account passwords are expiring this week?

CISO Report 1: What computers in Active Directory no longer exist?

The “What computers in Active Directory no longer exist?” report is a precision tool for identifying Windows systems that have not connected to your domain recently. This report allows you to identify systems that may no longer exist or have been decommissioned. It provides a simple way for IT Admins or CISOs to find computers (and thus, vulnerable privileged accounts on these computers), that no longer need to be managed.

The report can also be sent to Active Directory management personnel to enable them to remove these systems and their related asset records from the domain. This helps ensure that accurate inventory is being kept and that all valid privileged accounts being managed on target systems are legitimate and within scope of the privileged account management effort.

What you get from this report

  • It’s a quick and simple method to identify computers that no longer exist in your environment
  • An exportable list of systems which can be given to AD Administrators for management or automated removal
  • Stronger compliance. You can verify that the systems and credentials being managed are up to date and within scope of regulatory or policy requirements

You can secure all your privileged accounts at a fraction of the cost of alternative approaches with Secret Server, our privileged account management software. You’ll be generating these reports and viewing your results within half an hour of downloading our free 30-day trial.

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