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Easy read to get your staff and stakeholders up to speed on Privileged Account Management security

Written by Joseph Carson

April 4th, 2017

We’re constantly fighting an awareness battle in getting IT professionals and business stakeholders to appreciate the urgency associated with securing Privileged Account credentials. With so many high-profile breaches accomplished through the compromise of user passwords and escalation to access privileged accounts, security pros and IT directors are looking for simple ways to educate people throughout their organizations about the importance of PAM security.

Here’s a free and easy way to kick start your own awareness efforts.

It’s called “PAM for Dummies,” a new 24-page book that I’ve written with Thycotic in the style of the well-known “Dummies” series from Wiley publishing. PAM for Dummies offers you a quick and easy way to get your stakeholders up to speed on the urgent need for PAM security. You get the option of ordering a hard copy or electronic version free of charge from Wiley Publishing.

PAM for Dummies gives IT professionals a practical understanding of PAM basics along with how to best protect privileged accounts from hackers and malicious insiders. The paperback describes what privileged accounts are, where they reside throughout an IT environment, and how they function. Most important, PAM for Dummies explains the risks associated with privileged accounts and what should be done to protect them from unauthorized access.

We wrote PAM for Dummies as a short guide that’s simple enough for beginners, but smart enough so that even experts could benefit. It assumes a basic level of IT expertise and experience in managing IT networks, especially for admins who are using privileged account accounts and passwords as part of their daily tasks. But we also wanted to make sure that the book would be a relatively easy read for business users and executives. Let us know what you think.

PAM for Dummies from Thycotic is the latest addition to our ever-expanding Free PAM Tool Kit. From free research reports and online certifications, to PAM discovery software and free security policy templates, you’ll find several PAM security offerings designed to make your job easier and more effective—all at no charge.


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