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Privileged Behavioral Analytics 101 – How does PBA strengthen IT security

Written by Thycotic Team

March 21st, 2017

According to Forrester, it is estimated that 80% of breaches involve privileged accounts. Many of those breaches are due to compromised privileged accounts or insider abuse.

Our privileged access management tool, Secret Server, already assists you by safeguarding your privileged accounts by storing them in an encrypted repository where you can launch sessions using the accounts, rotate their passwords, and even discover accounts on your network.

However, since Secret Server is such a robust tool, its administrators are major targets for external attacks. Additionally, insider threats where an administrator or user of Secret Server may choose to behave maliciously presents further concerns.

Sneak Peek into Privilege Behavior Analytics for Thycotic

How do you know if a Secret Server administrator has been compromised? How do you know if a Secret Server administrator or user is acting maliciously? This is where Privilege Behavior Analytics comes in.

Privilege Behavior Analytics is a cloud-based solution that uses machine learning technology to analyze privileged account behavior within Secret Server. It creates baseline behaviors for your users and privileged accounts to quickly detect and alert your security team to anomalous behavior, an early indication of compromise or abuse.

Organization’s technical infrastructures have only become more complex in response to the numerous security threats that have developed over the years. This complexity can make it challenging for security teams to identify where the vulnerabilities are that leave their organization open to insider threats or external actors. Privilege Behavior Analytics makes it easy to identify where the weaknesses are by displaying detailed views of your privileged information and users in Secret Server.

Expandable clusters, or “Communities”, of users and Secrets correlated by their behavior are automatically formed and adjusted to give visibility over your environment at a glance:

Drilldown lists of all of your Secrets’ and users’ behaviors give you a brand new perspective on the activity occurring in your environment from when an event took place to where it took place from:

Detailed graphs and charts of when Secrets were accessed reveal potential inconsistencies worth investigating that were never possible before:

Informative alerts that are intelligently assigned risk scores by Privilege Behavior Analytics’ algorithms keep you informed of all noteworthy events in Secret Server and can automatically notify you when malicious activity occurs:

When you combine the protective power of Secret Server with the intelligent and analytical Privilege Behavior Analytics solution you are maximizing your investment in Secret Server and gaining a newfound visibility over your infrastructure. This will position your organization for confidence in the holistic security of your environment.

Want to learn how to extend the protection of Secret Server with Thycotic’s new Privileged Behavior Analytics and see the features in action? Watch the on-demand webinar now!


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