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The Top 5 Applications You Should Deny Now


Written by Steve Kahan

December 13th, 2016

Most organizations regularly deploy and use applications that contain significant vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities are easily exploited by attackers to access systems and data running on those applications. Many of the vulnerabilities known as CVE’s (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) are posted on the National Vulnerability Database to inform IT professionals of the mitigation controls they must implement to reduce the risks of using these applications.

There are a handful of applications that pose a much greater IT security risk. Cybercriminals often target the security flaws in these risky applications. Denying risky applications will prevent the installation or running of these applications in the first place. Below are the riskiest applications along with helpful links to help you learn more about their CVE’s.

The Top 5 Risky Applications You Should Deny Now:

1. APPLE QUICKTIME FOR WINDOWS– US-Cert Alert QuickTime for Windows
2. ADOBE FLASH PLAYER– CVE’s published for Flash and US-Cert Alert for Flash
3. APPLE ITUNES FOR WINDOWS– Apple iTunes Published CVE’s
5. MICROSOFT OFFICE 2007– CVE’s Published for Office 2007

We encourage you to learn more about these risky applications and solutions Thycotic offers. Get the complete white paper, The Top 5 Applications You Should Deny Now and see how our Privilege Manager protects your endpoints by controlling applications and enforcing least privilege policies.


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