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The Mission of Secret Server Free

Written by Jordan True

November 29th, 2016

The Threat

Not only do privileged accounts exist on every network, but they exist on nearly every aspect of it. The router has an administrative login, the database has one, and every workstation has either a local or domain administrator account that can be accessed from it. The reality is that these accounts, if compromised, can provide an attacker or malicious insider control of your network and the data stored on it. Data could be lost or stolen, causing potentially catastrophic damages to the business not just financially, but also in terms of the company’s image and brand.

The Proactive Defense

Thycotic Secret Server helps to discover, secure, and monitor activity of these privileged accounts so that they have a much lower risk of being compromised and used to gain control of the network. Secret Server is a web application that places privileged account information in a centralized Microsoft SQL Server database protected by AES-256 encryption to act as a centralized vault. It integrates with Active Directory and provides an individual login to each user to allow administrators to assign granular permissions to privileged accounts at the role, group, and user levels.

The Free Solution

Thycotic is on a global mission: to help IT teams world-wide protect their organizations from hackers by offering Secret Server absolutely free to businesses. Free Edition has been introduced to help small, growing businesses to help them start managing their privileged accounts professionally. Those who sign up will receive 25 users and 250 Secrets, as well as award-winning service and support. By signing up for Secret Server Free, you will be helping Thycotic to reach its goal of protecting 20,000 organizations worldwide against cyber attacks with $100 million worth of Free Privileged Account Security software! Get started: download our password our free password management tool here.

Protecting companies around the world from cyber attacks with free privileged account security software!


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