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Guide: Start Managing the Keys to the Kingdom with Secret Server Cloud in 15 Minutes

Written by Ben Yoder

September 14th, 2016

How would you like to start protecting your privileged accounts in 15 minutes?

I’m happy to announce our new cloud based option for deploying Thycotic Secret Server. With Secret Server Cloud you can get the same features as a premises installation, but running in a hosted environment.

What Is Secret Server Cloud?

Secret Server Cloud is essentially the same application as what you get when you download and install the MSI for Secret Server, but it’s hosted and managed by Thycotic. This means that you can sign up, get a trial, and start using Secret Server without setting up IIS or installing SQL.

The cloud environment is a multi-tenant instance of Secret Server, users share a front end website, but have their own separate databases. Right now you can get either our Free edition or the Professional edition in the cloud environment, other editions, and add on features will follow.

The hosting is in Microsoft’s Azure platform, which provides robust auto scaling and data security measures to ensure the cloud environment meets usage demand and is hosted in a secure facility that meets stringent compliance and security requirements.

Connections between the cloud environment are done through Secret Server’s Distributed Engine service, which provides secure distributed workflow for password changing, discovery, session proxying, and active directory authentication. So you only need to worry about installing a windows service, and can skip setting up IIS, SSL certs, and SQL.

Why Would I Choose Cloud?

We want to provide deployment options so each customer can choose what fits their needs and environment best. If you have strict compliance requirements around where privileged passwords can be stored, or you need access to the server and database for a heavy custom integration, Secret Server On-Premises is the right solution for you.

However, if you are looking for a deployment option where you don’t need to manage servers, backups, and Secret Server upgrades, then take a look at Secret Server Cloud.  Because we deployed Secret Server Cloud on Microsoft Azure, you can get access to your secrets wherever you have an active internet connection.  And with increased security controls, like two factor authentication and IP address restriction, you can let us worry about protecting your data.