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Companies Protect Privileged Credentials and Enforce Least Privilege Policies to Secure Endpoints from being Compromised

Written by Jordan True

August 23rd, 2016

VeriStor Systems, an advanced IT solutions provider specializing in virtual infrastructure and enterprise private, public and hybrid cloud services and solutions, today announced that it has become an authorized partner of Thycotic. Working together, VeriStor and Thycotic provide a comprehensive solution for the protection of privileged credentials from cyber attacks while delivering continuous monitoring, recording and secure management of privileged accounts and administrator access.

“Research shows that as many as 62% of breaches today result from privileged account abuse,” said Steve Bishop, CTO, VeriStor. “On average, attackers are on a network for up to 240 days before being detected. With Thycotic, we can protect our customers’ most valuable assets through enforcing least privilege policies for both business and IT users and prevent hackers from compromising confidential information. It’s one of the most powerful solutions we’ve seen for privileged account password protection.”

“VeriStor and its comprehensive security practice delivers the expert insight and security approach companies need to safeguard their network from compromise,” said Sean Hagerty, Sr. Director, Channel Sales, Thycotic. “They are a valued addition to our growing partner network. We are eager to collaborate in the delivery of Thycotic’s enterprise password management, compliance and IT security solutions to ward off cyber attackers and protect business from growing security threats.”

In the majority of data breaches, stolen credentials and privileged accounts continue to be the main target for hackers because they unlock the access required to exploit virtually any part of an organizations network including critical and sensitive data.  Hacking privileged credentials can mean the difference between a simple perimeter breach and one that could lead to a cyber catastrophe.  Once attackers gain access, they can escalate their privileges and move through networks to identify and compromise confidential information or use ransomware to encrypt critical business data.

“Thycotic’s suite of solutions works to mitigate today’s growing data breach risk by delivering privileged access management and security,” said Kyle Bubp, Security Practice Lead, VeriStor. “Its solutions uniquely assure automatic identification and understanding of the scope of privileged account risk and provide a comprehensive solution for the protection of privileged credentials from insider threat, misconfigured accounts, lateral movement, and external attacks.”

The complete family of Thycotic solutions are offered by the VeriStor Security Solutions practice. VeriStor Security Solutions cover the entire enterprise landscape, from endpoint to data center to cloud, and all points in between. With a perfected combination of tools and best practices, VeriStor delivers the complete visibility organizations need across their entire IT ecosystem. From discovering security vulnerabilities to pinpointing unpatched servers, VeriStor Security Solutions will close the loop on security processes and provide the tools and services needed to make business both safe and secure. For more information about VeriStor’s security practice, visit:


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