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Top 5 Tips to Nail Your Thycotic Job Application

Written by Thycotic Team

July 20th, 2016

Want to make a great first impression? We hand select the top talent from across the globe. If you think you have what it takes, follow these 5 tips to nail your Thycotic interview and get one step closer to joining our awesome team!

1.       Know your stuff –and show you’re willing to learn what you don’t know!

Don’t get us wrong, we want you to know your stuff, but as one of our core values is “never stop learning,” and we want to see you’ll tackle what you don’t know. Do you regularly comb through SysAdmins subreddits to find answers to your burning questions? Stay on top of cyber security blogs to find out about events you might have missed? We want to know! Don’t be afraid to #humblebrag about any efforts you’ve taken to sharpen your skills.


2.       Cyber security is scary serious, but you’re not.

Pride in our product is what drives us at Thycotic. Cyber security is no joke and we are proud that our tools allow customers to keep their most important information secure. A core value here is “playing nicely with others,” which means we are looking for collaborators, helpers, and all around team players. Oh, and we also like to have fun – whether it’s dunking our CEO in a dunk tank party – or eating tacos together at our Wednesday team lunch. If this sounds like the type of environment you’d like to be a part of, we want to know about it!


3.       Show off your inner nerd.

Sure we’ll be looking at your resume to see what you’ve accomplished, but our interview process is meant to show your skills in action.  You might be asked to do a mock sales pitch or completing a code exercise. Take that opportunity to show you do everything to the best of your ability.


4.       Show you’re ready for a wild ride!

Thycotic is the fastest-growing privileged account management provider in the IT industry today. In Q2 of 2016 we saw a 100% compound annual growth rate since Q2 of 2015. No matter what team you’re looking to join, the future is looking really bright. If you’re looking for the “same old, same old” – then this won’t be the place for you. But if you have experience with rapidly growing companies or are looking for that opportunity, don’t be shy about showing how you’ve scaled, grown and adapted in a constantly changing environment.


5.       Passwords should be top secret. Your reasons for wanting to work here shouldn’t be.

We think we’ve got something pretty special here with our award winning products and friendly culture. Before your interview, take a couple minutes to review our website, maybe even visit our Glassdoor page and let us know what it is about Thycotic that interests you. We want to hear why you want to join our team.



We’re hiring! Take a look at our careers page to see current opportunities and apply today.  Be sure to take a peek at our interview process blog post to learn more about next steps.


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