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SNEAK PEEK – The Greatest Secret Server Launch Yet!

Written by JoshAdmin

April 12th, 2016

With the release of Thycotic Secret Server 9.0 comes some major new features and enhancements. Session launchers get changes with new options for SSH connections with root users, an OS X launcher client, and privilege management for UNIX systems through Command Menus.

Introducing Mac Session Launchers

The Mac session launcher has been a popular feature request, and the 9.0 release gives all editions of Secret Server the Mac session launcher. If you are using a Mac, just run a session launcher and you’ll be prompted to download the Mac OS X client. Once that’s installed you’ll be able to run RDP, SSH, and custom launchers just like on Windows. The client for Mac’s supports proxying, Session Recording, and Session Termination just like the Windows client.

Secret Server Mac Session Launcher

The Mac session launcher brings native tool support to OS X so IT admins can use the tools they want without compromising privileged account security.

Enhanced Security with Unix Protection

9.0 also introduces a new additional module for controlling what commands users can run as root. In many cases contractors or lower privileged users need privileged access to UNIX servers to perform specific tasks. Rather than provide full root access, Secret Server administrators can now setup a command menu to restrict certain users and groups to a command subset. For example, you could delegate the ability to install updates and reboot servers without granting any additional access, limiting the potential for misuse of a root level credential.

Secret Server UNIX Privilege Management

As a part of this, admins can now configure Secrets to connect with a lower privileged account over SSH and then automatically switch to root since root is typically denied direct SSH access.

Announcing Active Geo Replication

Secret Server has supported SQL AlwaysOn and database mirroring for database redundancy for many years. With the 9.0 release there is a new module available that gives administrators the option to use SQL Replication.

SQL Replication is a better fit than SQL AlwaysOn when there are geographically dispersed sites and potential for an outage of the link between sites and each site needs its own active copy of Secret Server running during that time. If you’ve got Secret Server users in London and San Francisco, and you want to make sure both sites always have an active Secret Server instance available even if the link goes down, Geo Replication might be a good option for you.

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