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Thycotic Launches Free Privileged Accounts Discovery for Windows

Written by Jordan True

February 2nd, 2016

WASHINGTON, Feb. 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Thycotic, provider of privileged account management solutions for more than 7,500 organizations world-wide, today announced that Privileged Accounts Discovery for Windows is now being offered for free. Designed with security pros, IT management and C-level executives in mind, the tool provides one collection point for all Windows privileged accounts, generates detailed reports, indicates the status of privileged passwords, and identifies potential security risks they may represent.

Privileged accounts are often overlooked by security and IT teams. Administrators manage user accounts with Active Directory policies, but rarely change or review local Windows and service accounts. Thycotic’s Privileged Accounts Discovery for Windows summarizes the health and risk of these accounts by analyzing passwords to determine if they have been changed and whether or not they have been set to never expire. The solution identifies those passwords that may be targets for external and internal threats and helps identify what the actual risk is.

“We believe there is nothing currently available on the market that is comparable to this solution, even among commercial products,” said Nathan Wenzler, Executive Director of Security at Thycotic. “In order to assist organizations with taking that critical first step to protecting privileged accounts, we are providing this free solution so they can easily discover what’s out there without risk of locking out accounts or changing their IT environments.”

Privileged Accounts Discovery for Windows is simple and secure; simply download and step through the intuitive interface. This free solution scans organizations Windows systems without using agents and with limited impact on network bandwidth. All the solution requires to run is an Active Directory domain credential to scan the network. The remote scan runs quickly and doesn’t need complex configuration. Once completed, a full list of local Windows and privileged accounts and management-ready summary reports is provided.

Privileged Account Discovery for Windows will save organizations hours of effort while making their organization much more secure from hackers targeting privileged account credentials. Key features include:

  • Simplicity – Just run once per Active Directory domain, and the Privileged Accounts Discovery tool does the rest. It generates executive-ready reports and a spreadsheet inventory of the accounts it found. The tool can be copied and run wherever needed, at no charge.
  • Privacy – No privileged passwords are ever reverse engineered or discovered by the tool. The executive summary report aggregates data, and only account names are shown in the inventory. No sensitive information is stored in the tool and no exposure of end user domain usernames is displayed.
  • Valuable data – Data is ready to be used immediately. Reports are produced for the executive team and detailed lists are created for security and IT admins indicating where privileged accounts are used.
  • Actionable reports – At the click of the mouse, management reports are generated into presentation-ready materials for use in risk analysis, security assessment, and cost justifications. Easy-to- understand summary reports are available, along with inventory reports to find and remediate critical privileged accounts.
  • Security — Thycotic Privileged Accounts Discovery for Windows locates passwords that have never been changed or that violate your company’s security or compliance policies. Find vulnerable passwords and backdoor accounts before attackers do.

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