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Written by Thycotic Team

December 22nd, 2015

Since Thycotic was founded in 1996, our focus has been people first — whether it’s our customers or our employees.

When searching for new team members to join the Thycotic crew, we hand select smart, savvy individuals that embody our core values — help those around you, embrace hard work, play nicely with others, and care about your craft. This makes our work environment creative, enriching, and just plain awesome. Don’t just take our word for it, check out our Glassdoor reviews!

Our team understands that it’s a big decision to accept a new job. That’s why we’ve designed our interview process to be as smooth as possible. The goal of this process is for us to get to know you and for you to get to know us. We want to hear more about your skill set, your experience, and your passion. We’re sure you have a few questions for us, too. We strive to be as transparent as possible and also encourage an open dialog with all candidates. Here’s an outline of the process as well as some Frequently Asked Questions.

Interviewing at Thycotic — Everything you need to know

Our interview process varies according to the position, but it generally looks something like this:

Phase 1: A conversation with our friendly Talent Acquistion Team

During your initial conversation, we’re looking to hear about your career goals and also your ideal type of work environment. Culture fit is very important at Thycotic. We want to make sure you’ll thrive in our environment. Learn more about Thycotic’s culture which is driven by our core values.

Phase 2: The manager of the team you’re interviewing to join speaks to you about your background and experience

This phase gives you the opportunity to talk shop with your prospective team member. Show us who you are, give examples of past work projects, and fill us in on your career highlights. This is typically a bit more technical in nature.

Phase 3: Assessments

Research shows that the best way to assess someone’s skills is to see him or her in action. We want you to have every opportunity to show us what makes you successful. Every team’s assessment is specific to that team. For example, Developers work on code (in our code base – no white boarding). Technical Support Engineers answer sample support questions.

Phase 4: On site interview

This step is fairly extensive and will last roughly two hours for most teams. In the case of Developers, you get to spend a whole day working with our code base. Then, you will have the opportunity to meet and greet the team you would be working with. You’ll be able to hear from them, in their own words, why they love working at Thycotic!

Phase 5: Offers and getting started

After you receive an offer from us, we will conduct a background check and drug screening. Our security agreements with large enterprise customers require us to conduct these tests.


I’d love to work at Thycotic, but there aren’t any positions open that match my skillset.

While we might not have an opening at this time, we are growing quickly and we could be looking for someone with your background soon. Check our career page periodically for jobs at Thycotic. If you see something that looks like a good fit, please submit your application.

What can I do to help my application stand out?

When you apply, be sure to submit a cover letter and a resume that highlights your relevant experience and skills, as well as what interests you in Thycotic, specifically. Make us feel special! Let us know why our company, products, culture, and industry stood out to you.

If I know someone at Thycotic, should I ask him or her to refer me?

Yes, absolutely! We love employee referrals.

How should I prepare for my interview?

Make sure you review our website and products so that you can show off your knowledge of Thycotic! Study the position you are applying for by thoroughly reviewing the description. This should help you understand the responsibilities of the job and what a typical day looks like. Be prepared with specific questions.

How long does the interview process typically take?

The length of the interview process depends on the team’s schedule and availability as well as your availability. If you are under a time crunch or have a specific deadline, please communicate that to our team. The process can take two to three weeks from the initial phone conversation to the in-person interview.

I see that your work environment is casual. What should I wear to the interview?

Great question! Although our work place is casual, we recommend you wear something that showcases your professionalism during the interview process. For most, this is somewhere between business casual and business professional.